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Originally Posted by stang View Post

Indeed, that is true. The Mini-i didn't impress compared to my Zero, but this Cube certainly does. Who knows if my hearing is just better now or something like that. Nevertheless, for the $178.50usd I paid for this (I won an auction on ebay), this certainly does impress!

Good to hear. Would you say its worth double the price of the Zero since its about $300 usd in the US? And how does the headphones sound straight out of the cube? I was planning to run HD650s.


Thinking of selling the Zero? If so, I may consider it. 

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It's a tough call whether or not it is worth double the price or not. If you are just getting into audio, I believe that the Zero would be a better idea because then you could put your left over money toward a much better amp. Zero also has a preamp if you need that at all, the Cube does not (well, cannot control volume with dial when powered monitors are plugged into it anyway). The amplifier in the Cube is actually decent. I have been listening with my DT880s and they sound great. Will wait at least a few more days to actually tell people how good the amp in it is compared to my M^3 though. 


I might sell the Zero, I am not sure yet. Might keep it just because an all in one device can be very handy at times. 

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Thanks for your input Stang. How would you say the cube compares to the mini-i then since the mini was about the same as the Zero in your opinion? 

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Well it was a head-fi'ers Mini-i that I tried, so I cannot directly compare. 


All I remember was that it seemed the Mini-i had more treble and bass (extension and quantity, but not much more). I haven't listened to my Zero for a couple of days now, so I shall warm it up now and give you a brief impression if possible. 

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Wow this thread is really scaring me.  I'm going to have opamp nightmares

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Haha how come? 


Btw to anyone that is interested, I have absolutely no idea when I am going to make an evaluation of the Cube DAC. I definitely hear a difference between it and my Zero, but I am not familiar with the audiophile terms enough to fully explain it all. 

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Hehe I have both  T-amp 20 with K1000 is a great combo. I really should do a review next week some time. 

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Finally finished my review of the Cube, here is the link:




Stang, I seems like it sounds better with your DT880/600 than it does with my DT880/250. I'll have to try some more 600ohm headphones with it. All I've tried so far is the AKG K240DF, which it does just an average job with,  nothing special. With most other headphones though it does a very good job.

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