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DIY TF10 cables

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So the stock TF10 cable is dying on me. I want to make myself a good cable, but have no idea where to start. Though, a mic would be nice. A kind sir (not going to mention names because he might not like it) directed me here.



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If this is your first cabling project get at least 20 - 25 feet of cable. I recommend Mogami or Navships (the stuff on eBay).


You will also need the pin connectors, they are about $10 a pair. You should order 2 or 3 pairs.


And get a plug (the best plug is probably a Viablue).


If you plan on making this with a mic, it is a lot more complicated. Just keep that in mind


Then you braid the cable, and solder everything together.


I'm not going into details. If you need help, start a new thread and/or PM the great DIY'ers (ex. qusp).



So how much money can I expect to spend? What parts should I buy? Labor isn't a problem - I don't mind working hard. Of those parts I need to buy, what are the choices? Most importantly, how do I do it?

Thanks so much in advance!

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You can get the connectors here:




Makes life a lot easier for DIY'ers.

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Thanks so much for the guide momomo6789! Also, since he is here, I would like to thank violinvirtuoso especially, since he's been helping me out since the very first thread.


If I want to incorporate a microphone, what should I do? Also, I was looking at the Mogami cables, and there were a lot of different ones. I'm quite lost on which ones I need.

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so...anyone? I am really newb at this, and have no idea what to get except the things in the first post.

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