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Need advice on new headphones in the $300 range

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Ok let me start by saying I am a NOOB at this stuff but VERY interested and learning fast. 


I currently have Sennheiser HD 280 pro and listen to my music through my ipod touch 99% of the time.  Well im ready to move up to higher quality :)  I am looking around the $300 (may be able to talk the wife into ALMOST $400).  I realize the ipod is not the best source but its what I have.  Let me say I did alot of looking on the forums and decided to try a portable amp just to see what it was like.  I just bought a PA2V2 because it was inexpensive for me to just TRY one out ( may have been a waste of money we will see).


So what do people recommend for Headphones in that price range?  I like the Sennheisers because they isolate VERY well.  I listen to music a lot at night and dont want to bother the wife to bad lol, but it is not a deal breaker if they dont isolate well or at all.  I care more about how the sound and performance in general.  I listen to mostly listen to rock music so I like clear bass from drums and things like that but do listen to some blues and as well.


Also I realize I will most likely need an amp for the new set and I'm ok with that.  I would also like suggestions in that department to (seperate budget for that but lets not get crazy).


Any help would be great.

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So far, do you have any ideas of what you want to get? Have you looked around to see what kind of things appeal to your needs most? I could recommend you a bunch of headphones in the $300 range, but the problem is, I'm not sure what suits your style. The thing is, there are going to be fans (and haters) of every headphone, and people have different preferences when it comes to sound, function, comfort, characteristics, and so forth, of *any* given headphone. So I couldn't really *suggest* you anything, unless we have some basic "rules" laid out. And you my friend, are the one that makes the rules.


After all... it's you buying the headphone.


So now, I'll tell you this. Look around a bit (HeadRoom is a good place to start) as well as here on Head-Fi. Start noticing some things in headphones that appeal to you. Everything from sound, comfort, function, design, dependency, durability, portability, and everything in between. After you found a couple "features" if you will, come and post all that you have found out about.


Then, we will be able to much more accurately, recommend you a $300 headphone.



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Thanks for the reply!  I have been looking around alot and I am kind of leaning towards the Denon ah-d2000 or ah-d5000.  They seem to be well liked and they do isolate some.  I have also been looking at the Sennheiser hd600 but realize they are open but if they are better in sound quality that would be ok. 


Those or just what i have been researching on the forums and what not.  Just looking for ideas if these will be good listening through and ipod (ripped and 320 or lossless quality).  Are there any other good cans i am missing here?

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No problem.


I had a feeling you would be liking the Denon D2000. I was actually going to recommend that to you after reading your first post. Between the D2000 and D5000, I would *suggest* that maybe you try the D2000 first, as the majority of it's sound quality is comparable to the D2000, at a fraction of the cost. There is also the *cheaper* alternatives of these (D1001 and CAL!) if you decided you didn't want to spend quite as much as you originally planned.


In a general sense, most will say they like the HD600's SQ better than the D2000. Although, I know a fair amount of people who prefer the Denon series over all the other headphones in the price range. So again, I'm not sure what would be best for you, SQ speaking. One thing is for sure though, the HD600's would require *more* of an amp, than the D2000.


Yes, there are many other *good* cans out there. Just depends on what your ears like, and what you listen to.

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Cool thanks again.  I cant find ANYWHERE in my area that I can try these and dont know anyone who has any so I am playing it by ear.....  Hahaha nice play on words right! :)

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