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Okay. I bought this thing years ago. Will look for the receipt just that I think I still have it somewhere.
From what I can remember, IR is not a very good sound carrier. The fluorescent lamp alone is able to mess up the transmission and you have to get a very good 'line of sight' to get the best sound - it's not even guaranteed interference free.
This headphone along with the rest of my junk were shelved and was unattended for some quite some time.  You know what happens when batteries are left inside your electronic gears right? Leak... corrosion!!! [facepalm]
I tried to restore it to no avail. So I put it back in the box and was forgotten once again.
While working on my SBHPs, I suddenly remembered the Infrarots :D I think I can still use the drivers and see how do they sound. First things first - I need to access the drivers.
Here are some pics I took last night for documentation:


Still looking good! Old school rocks!



The foam pads were long time gone



Made in Germany!



IR electronics



Finally, the precious driver!


To be continued...