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Bidding on a PA2V2. CMoy??

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I placed a bid on a PA2V2. I'm having second thoughts though, should I forget the PA2V2 and get another amp (possibly a CMoy)? I'm gonna be using this amp from an iPod LOD and they will be powering a pair of ATH-M50s.

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Excellent build quality. That's all it has going for it. Glad you are having second thoughts. On ebay, search out by seller. Look for biosciencegeek. For the same price as a PA2V2, this one blows the doors off. Gives many higher price amps a run fot their money also. Been there, done that, seen it.

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His was the first CMoy I saw. I like everything about it, except the tin... I don't really want a mint tin style, but I really like his other features. I'm going to consider the one from biosciencegeek and what do you think about this one http://cgi.ebay.com/cMOY-Headphone-Amplifier-Premium-Amp-NXT-cMOY-Blue-/250645811153?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 ?

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I have owned a PA2V2 for some time - it is excellent and you won't be disappointed.  It is very well made, as noted by another poster, and offers excellent sonics.  If you can find one of the Banzai Morph amps being auctioned on Ebay you will save some money over the PA2V2 - both are excellent products at their price points but the PA2V2 has a nicer case (and controls) and has better support in the event you need it.

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I found the Banzai Morph. The only disadvantage is no battery or charger are included, but I can get those with ease. Another question I have about the Morph, in order to swap the OPAMPs do I just pull it out and put the other one in, no soldering required?

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The Banzai Morph uses a standard 9 V battery.  My Morph actually came with a rechargeable 9 V battery installed (despite the Ebay listing indicating no battery included).  Correct on the Op Amp - it is socketed, so it is fairly easy to swap out.  I have not changed mine out as I am quite impressed with the performance and see no need to change it.  My Morph came with three Op Amps - the installed one, a spare twin and a different one.  I believe that www.electricsumo.com is an associated web site and they may sell the Morph for less from that site.  I won mine on an Ebay auction for just $23 (!), but I notice they are not currently auctioning them - perhaps because they were losing money on auctions.

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I have a pa2v2 and it is my favorite amp by far.  Gary is great to work with.  I have had interest in getting either a BSG or one of the Banzai as I find the pa2v2 to be a bit warm when I am using my UE 700s and listening to classical

It pairs with my ER6i's very well though.  

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I own both the NXT and Morph cMoy and can without problems recommend Morph.

The advantage with NXT is weight, but the sturdiness of the Morph is better.

And the Morph can play louder, if that is needed. The bass and details on Morph are also better.

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