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Improvement From Beyerdynamic DT-150

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Dear Head-Fiers,

I have owned and enjoyed my DT-150s for over a year now, going from a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A900s and enjoying the more neutral, analytical, and revealing Beyers. 

They have a great, very neutral, balanced sound with an accurate, relatively uncolored (if slightly dark) presentation of almost all kinds of music. They sound very tight and precise.

Great bass, non-sibilant, yet present highs, and accurate midrange. The problem is, I wish the mids were more liquid, for lack of a better term. The DT-150s are so analytical that I feel a lot of the musicality and emotion is lost. Are there any closed-back headphones that will retain the same level of detail and neutrality in sound while also being more expressive in the midrange, and have liquid, lifelike sound as well as being accurate and (somewhat) revealing?


I would characterize the DT-150's sound as somewhat dry, whereas the ATH-A900 has what I would describe as liquid highs (but colored/weird lower-midrange and relatively anemic/subdued bass in comparison to the DT-150). I also like the airer soundstage of the ATH-A900 over the darker, more cave-like soundstage of the Beyers (although the depth of the 150's soundstage is exceptional).


The 150s are great to mix on because they really reveal parts of the track that sound odd, but for pure listening enjoyment they don't quite have the "wow" beautiful factor I am looking for.


I usually run my phones out of my Apogee One connected to my Macbook Pro, or my iPod (which drives them just fine).


Opinions on the Denon D5000s, for example? Or something a step up, but not ridiculously expensive?


Thanks a bunch!



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Have you tried getting a pair of Velour DT100 pads to put on your 150s?  From what people have said, that changes the sound in exactly the way you're looking for.

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Coming from a DT150, I really are enjoying the closed back DT880.

See: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/424842/beyerdynamic-dt880-closed-back

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