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And even that tiny 3-inch one-way speaker may have a downright unacceptable WAF! That is, even my girlfriend can't tolerate its really crappy sound!
But, Eagle_Driver, at least your girlfriend doesn't like them for a valid reason.

Imagine a whole bunch of those crappy 3" speakers crammed into a larger enclosure......and then having most of them pointing at the wall, away from the listener. Damn......I've just described a Bose 901.
"No highs, no lows.........must be Bose!"
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Hehe... ya, I'm planning on buying my speakers now, because I figure after I get married there's no way I'll be able to get anything but small cute bose speakers...ugh.

At least this way, I'll already have the speakers and I'll claim I can't sell them :P
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That Bose 901 has something like nine 4.5" one-way speakers per channel (enclosure), most of which are pointed at the wall (away from the listener). Haha... Those "tin-ears" just spent $1,500 on something that sounds no better than a typical crappy "boom-box" portable.
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Apparently different than most others here, I've had a mid/high end speaker setup for many years and only recently discovered the wonderful world of headphones. I started checking into headphones because of the WAF: I like to listen to music and watch movies late at night after I get off work (I work nights), and my wife likes to sleep.

I've been getting Audio Advisor catalogs for years and about a year ago I ordered the HD580/DSP Pro combo for $199. To say the least, I was very impressed with the sound of the 580s (not so much with the DSP Pro, though it does do movies well).

About 6 months after that, I found Headroom's web site and shortly thereafter, Headwize. When Headroom clearance priced their Max, I took the plunge - Headroom Max and HD600s.

Since then, I rarely listen to music on my speaker setup ($20K+), I really do prefer the more personal experience of the headphones, for now at least. I keep thinking the novelty will wear off.

Anyway, the whole point to this is: (IMHO) Except for the soundstage, visceral bass, and multiple listeners you can get from speakers, in order to get the same satisfaction from a speaker setup that you get from a headphone setup, you need to spend at least 10X more on the speaker setup than you did on the headphone setup.

Just my 2 cents.
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joelongwood: That was a good one! Now try convincing her of a 7.1-surround-system, and WAF will not only go below zero, but even convert to WBMOE (= wife boots me out effect) - a dreaded surround effect, even worse than bad room reflections...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / Lini
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joelongwood: I also think that even a single crappy 3" monophonic speaker often converts to a fairly high WBMOE factor (or is it WKMOE = Wife Kicks Me Out Effect, or WCOMF = Wife Craps On Me Factor?).
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flumpus: So you want to get some huge speakers before WAF comes into play? Get a pair of the Infinity Kappa 90! With an audiophile quality amp (doesn't have to have a huge wattage, but stability and fine sound is a must) and a large room these giants are amazing - and the Kappa 90 is a giant for a reasonable price. Recommended!

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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