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Head-Direct Customer Service

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... my issue...


About 9 months ago the back of my RE0's became unglued while I was in Moscow, Russia and head-direct cheerfully told me to mail them to their China address, at which point I did, and I very quickly (not counting 1.5 weeks of transit time-Russian post is sketchy) got my headphones back repaired.


To contrast this, I was having an issue with the RE0 cord near the headphone jack and asked if I could send them in. Again, head-direct was prompt in replying and gave me their New York address, as I'm now in the states. I shipped via UPS and according to UPS tracking data, my headphones arrived last Tuesday.


It's been a week now and Head-Direct has yet to confirm whether they have my headphones or not. I've emailed them the tracking number which shows that the headphones have been delivered. The recurring reply is "We'll check our PO boxes tomorrow." I ask again at the end of the next day. Then, the following day I receive, "I'll update you as soon as I check the PO Box." It is now a day after that last email and still nothing.


I was just wondering if anyone else has had an issue like mine when dealing with Head-Direct. I have no reason to think they are purposely avoiding getting my headphones, as they've been very helpful and quick in previous cases with me (plus their headphones are amazing to my ears); but this is very weird from my side. I've never had this happen with any company actually. I almost want to get my headphones back and ship them to the China site.


Anyone have any thoughts/experiences with this? At this point I'm just worried someone else signed for the headphones and took them. Someone named "CHEN" according to UPS. If so, I probably would need to contact UPS soon to recover damages.

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you should post this in the head-direct forum.


my experience with head-direct customer service was great. The willingly accepted it, when i returned my RE0s, because i was having problems with the seal. 

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I did a return last month, same thing sort of happened - tracking said it was received, but I think I remember it taking a few days (maybe nearly a week) before they acknowledged it.


Have you tried calling them?

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They are probably just busy. As you said they've been great in the past, I don't think they are going to do a runner on you now.

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Thanks for your comments. I will call them tomorrow morning first thing. They should have a number on their website I presume. Or there should be one on my receipt.

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Here's their phone taken from their website.

If you have any questions about warranty and customer service, please call 1-347-475-7673
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I thought their customer service was really quite excellent!


I ordered an EF2A for my HD650, but when I decided I wasn't keeping the HD650, I requested to cancel my EF2A order. The result? Well, I got my refund very quickly, and was helped by very friendly people. I contacted them multiple times to check the status on the refund, and they replied within a day to every single one of them. I really do appreciate their helpfulness in this matter, as a good company is one who responds and cooperates with the customer. And they did just that. Thank you very much for your support Head-Direct, it was much welcomed.


I approve. They were a pleasure to deal with, and I appreciate that.

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Of none relevance anymore.

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