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My triplefi`s just broke, need new IEMS.

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My TripleFi`s just broke, after two years of use. 

So now i`m out for something new, my IEM-use have changed during these years, i`m problably using them for an hour a day, and not three or four like I did before. 


So i`m thinking on buying some cheap ones, been thinking on the Monster Turbine or something from Shure. 

Now, the real issue here, will I get frustrated from going the Triples to something less "high end"? 


Has anyone done this before?


I would really appreciate some thoughts about this, since all this thinking is killing me!

(By the way, the reason for buying something cheap is because of my recently ordered Sennheiser HD650)


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u cant go down so y not go up customs is the way to go

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I really don´t have the money to buy that right now, anyhow - I wouldn´t use them so my much right now. 

I will get some customs next year, when the bike-season starts again, but that is 9 months from now. :p

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What is your budget? I had the Triple.Fis and now I got the Earsonics SM3. I think the Earsonics SM3 is a clear upgrade to the Triple.Fis. However, I still listen to my JVC Marshmallows (with Kramer's Mod). It doesn't sound as great, but it is the best value I have ever come across.

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Get the TF10's remolded by Unique Melody or Fisher hearing. If the midrange sounded recessed to you, Unique Melody can add an additional driver which brings it more forward.

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I´m thinking on buying customs right now, instead of waiting a year to do it. 

Maybe some Earsonics.  


But I have some questions, say the EM3-PRO, how do I order it? 

Do they send some earmold on postage home to you? How does that work?

Since I live in Norway, I can´t fly to France so they can do the earmole themselves. 

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After you make the order, you send them your ear impressions and they will ship the customs to you. I would recommend getting ear impressions done by an audiologist.

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This may be a long shot, how is customs compared to universals, in therms on using them under a motorcycle-helmet?

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I cannot recommend the SM3 highly enough either. I was just listening to the TF10's again the other night for comparison's sake, and was shocked at how they sounded narrower, with less bass, and had noticeably recessed mids and vocals. Add in the silly fit, and yeah......

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wait... what broke ? cause if its the lines... you know those can be replaced...

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ohh .. if we're talking about customs while we're at it, may i suggest livewires?

the only issue is that i hear sometimes the wait times on these may be really long.. but other than that, i hear good reviews on the quality

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I suggest getting your Triple.fi's remolded by Unique Melody as suggested earlier. That way you will retain the sound of your Triple.fi's while having the comfort of a custom IEM. It is also cheaper than purchasing a new "high-end" IEM.

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Thanks everyone!

Well, the bass is gone the left earpiece, so its not the cord. 

Tried to use them today, but hearing only the treble is really giving me a headache. 


I´m looking at the Livewires, SM3, EM3-PRO as my options. 

I have been using Ultimate Ears the last five or six years, so I should really test some other brands. 

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