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Upgrade From FXC80

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I am looking at upgrading from my JVC FXC80. I like the overall sound they have, the way they produce highs, and the amount of bass it gives out, However, I am looking for something with a simalar sound signature, but a little richer experience. I mainly listen to rock and acoustic music. I don't believe the REO's would have enough bass for my needs, so any other upgrade suggestions would be great. Clarity is most important, but I need solid bass as well.

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Having had both recently, I would say the DBA-02 would be just right. Similar sound balance but the DBA up the clarity, transparency, detail, speed, and richness. The price is more than reasonable too.

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How about the Radius DDM?

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Earsonics SM3, Ortofon e-Q7, Radius DDM,  JVC HA-FX700, Hippo VB, Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS and so on.

How much do you want to spend, of budget?

Cheapest and best is DDM, Hippo, DBA-02

expensive and best is e-Q7, SM3, FX700.

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