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Best upgrade from UE super fi 5 pro?

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I'm about done with my super fi 5 pro's.


I've gone through maybe 5 cables now, and it's just not worth me continuing to keep replacing them.  Plus they are awkward to fit and not very comfortable.


Therefore, I'd like to buy a new pair.  My budget is probably up to £200/$300 (I might be persuaded to spend a little more).  I'll be wearing these a LOT, so they have to be very comfortable for extended use.  My listening will be done through a laptop with a Creative x-fi soundcard and a Sony S-series MP3 player.  My music tastes are progressive metal, folk and classical.  I'd like a really clear and precise bottom end, but not over-dominating/boomy.  A nice wide soundstage would be great too. 


I've seen a lot of different models reviewed on here, but have been out of the loop for a while now and don't really know what the best buys are at the moment. They just have to be noticeably better than my old UE's or it's not worth the money!




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Although i'm no expert it sounds like the triple.fi 10's are your best bet. They're £200 and will give you an accurate bass (but not boomy like the ie 8's) and will go well with your folk and classical music regarding mids and highs.

Ultimate ears are a bit expensive though so there may be better alternatives.


Having said that jays are releasing new models so may be worth waiting for reviews of them.

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triple.fi 10!

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I'd rather not get the triple.fi 10's, because I didn't find the super.fi 5's very comfortable and they are basically the same design...

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W3:  Sounds quite similar but more like it's big brother.  Way more comfortable too.

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^ +1

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The W3 would be great, but it's a little expensive at £260. 


I'd prefer to pay no more than £200 if possible.

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Then why not IE8? I upgraded from SF5P to IE8 and could'nt be more happy. IE8 are smoother, have a bit more bass, a great soundstage, good definition, have great build quality ( and a detachable cable)...

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IE8 if the TF10 has a sucky fit for you

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Fischer Audio DBA-02 or Radius DDM. Those are probably the two best in your price range.

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TF10, Klipsch custom 3 , westone 3

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People who have the TF10 have said that the SM3s are a very good upgrade over the TF10. The SM3s are $300 in the US not sure how much they are in the EU.

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SM3, JVC FX700 (highely recommended), E-Q7, Radius DDM and DBA-02.........

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have you considered using the Westone ES series cables for your UE superfi 5 pro?  I did for mine, and i find that it is more supple and because it is not as stiff as the original UE cable, it feels to me that it will last longer.  YMMV

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+1 to Ortofon e-Q7,  Radius DDM, can purchase in iheadphones.uk

SM3 but those goes for over 200 £ is that so?


It all depends on sound preferences. Dynamic or balanced transducers?

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