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IEM assisted suicide

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I bike 2-4 hours daily. I'm also irresponsible and wear earphones while doing so, reducing my awareness of traffic. I usually listen to music or podcasts/audiobooks so I don't drive myself crazy with my own thoughts. I'm looking for something noise isolating with an inline mic for my iphone. I previously used some NuForce NE-7Ms, but they're not durable enough for my lifestyle - I've already destroyed two pairs. What would you recommend?

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Meelectronics M6P (or M11P+ if over-the-ear is a problem) or the H2O Audio Surge Contact.

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For iphone there are some great phones with mic made by Radius Japan. Talk and Remote model. Only available through a Japanese retailer, many of us on this forum purchased from their site.

There is also Hippo Shroom phones with mic for iphone. Check Uncle Wilson super store on the net for good deals.

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V-Moda Remix, Vibe II..........

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Use some cheap non-isolating earbuds.

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Life Insurance

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