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That is very pretty.

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I've been a member over at drummerworld forums for quite a while now... I hope y'all don't mind me promoting them over here! Here's two to get you started, search around, it's one of the most (if not THE most) popular drum forum. I'm jodgey4 over there with my Heir Audio's.

As for the rest of this thread... here's my set-up.

Zildjian 10" ZXT Titanium Flash Splash
Paiste 13" Traditional Medium Light Hi-hats
Paiste 14" Alpha Thin Crash
Sabian 14" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
Paiste 15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-hats
Sabian 16" B8 Medium Crash
Paiste 18" 2002 Crash
Paiste 18" 2002 Medium
Istanbul Agop 21" Vezir Jazz Ride (2074g)
Meinl 22" Byzance China
Paiste 24" 2002 Ride

13" x 3" Remo Mastersound
14" x 3.5" Pearl Free Floating Steel (Gen. II)
14" x 5.5" Slingerland Gene Krupa Super (borrowing)
14" x 6.5" Ludwig Centennial Maple
14" x 6.5" Ludwig LM411 (Ludalloy SS)

Ludwig Centennial in Silver Sparkle
8" x 12" & 10" x 14 rack toms
15" x 16" & 16" x 18" floor toms
20" x 24" bass drum

Vintage Rogers (Cleveland era) in Silver Sparkle, fully restored by me and borrowed
8" x 12" rack
16" x 16" floor
14" x 20" bass drum

All Aquarian heads, Modern Vintages on the Rogers, Super-2's on the Luddy's, both over one plys. One ply heads on all snares. Bopworks sticks!

I'm working on getting more jazzy Agops; I rarely use the Paiste 2002's, but could never bring myself to sell them!

Dude, sweet.
I got me a set of Cleveland era Rogers too.
Silver Sparkle.
12 X 8
13 X 9
14 X 14
22 X 14
plus a COB 5 X14 Dyna-Sonic Snare and
COB 5 X 14 Powertone Snare
toms all have coated Ambassadors on the bottom
12" and 13" have coated Ambassador batters
14" tom has a smooth white Emperor
bass drum has a coated Emperor batter, no front head (OK, it has an Evans open screen head)
Dynasonic has Diplomats top and bottom
Powertone has Ambassadors top and bottom
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