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Ah drums, how I've enjoyed it. I started out with a cheap no-name kit when I was in high school/college. During my grad school I had a Pearl Kit with Paiste Cymbals and hi hat. Once I moved and got a job thought, I couldnt keep my acoustic kit in an apartment, so I had to sell it off :(


I still miss it, in some ways, cos a year later I ended up getting a Roland kit with mesh snare and DW double bass pedals. I've managed to keep in touch but I've still had issues with downstairs ppl complaining (there have been like 4-5 different sets of ppl there, some of them were ok, some werent). One guy even came up to me and said, "what do you think this is a club?" all I could say was "huh?" and said sorry I wont play anymore, couldnt play for a few months until that guy moved out....sigh


Nowadays I've deviced a semi-solution to keep things under control. I have three layers of carpetting, and have positioned the drums on the side with huge patio doors so it doesnt reverberate as much. So far it has been ok. I've lost a lot of my touch though, and can hardly keep up with songs I used to be able to play before. Electronic kits also kind of reduce your skill level if you use it as your only kit I feel, when I went back to an acoustic kit at my friends place after a few years of playing on electronic, I could barely play decently, it was so weird and it just felt odd, and I kept striking it softly to prevent making noise, as though I've been trained to not tolerate hitting the drums hard.


But nevertheless, the Roland kit is very good. To anyone who is having trouble with neighbors and cant quite manage an acoustic kit, I wouldnt bother with any of the other electronic kits, just go with Roland. If you can afford to have mesh pads on all the drums instead of just the snare, that would be even better. I for one, didn't want to invest too much on this cos I'm hoping to move to a house sometime and get back to playing acoustic.


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Oh wow, That kind of sucks cause if you would rather have an acoustic vs. An electric, I feel your pain lol. Buy electrics are good for certain things, if your making a drum cover, you only need to plug it into your comp to record compared to an acoustic which you'll need a whole entire mic setup.

But personally I kind of like electrics better since they're less noisy, and I don't have a basement in my house so I play in my bedroom door closed and I try to play when the neighbors aren't home. The only thing I don't like about electrics though is the fact that they tend to have small Tom sizes, and to be honest everytime I go into Sam ash to demo the electrics I wind up hating them since I can't ever hit the toms xD. If I ever wind up just pulling $3000 out of my pocket though I am getting a nice electric set smily_headphones1.gif
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 A little late, but I've got a 5 piece Gretsch catalina club rock kit. 14 inch snare, 13 inch rack tom, a 16x 16 and an 18x 18 floor tom. 24 inch kick I think. Got a Zildjan custom projection crash and all my other cymbals (Ride, Crash, Hi-hats) are Zildjan Planet Zs. I love that kit, I've only been playing for four years, and my kit before that was a Peavey kit (I never knew Peavey made drums either).



 Let's kick this thread back up again- we need more drum-fiers.

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I used to have a 6 piece vision series set, with a great set of sabian AA cymbals, plus a Zildjian A custom fast crash, and a zildjian china.

I moved overseas, and now am looking into getting an electric set. I really miss my acoustics though, oh so much.


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*note, the set above was a Pearl.

If only I had 15 grand for a custom DW set! :)



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I got a 6 piece Sonor Force 3007 and Sabian cymbals including an AAX xplosion china =D

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I have a great condition DW5000 double bass pedal up for sale if anybody in the UK is interested, I posted it in 'Music/Videos for sale' because I didn't know where else to post but if any of you guys are interested in taking it off me, check out the link in my sig. I'll be able to get some pics done when I go home next Tuesday (selling as I simply never get to use it and I'd like to fund an dac/amp upgrade). Cheers guys.

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Wow. Um, old-ish thread, but since it's already bumped....

I have a CB kit. Too lazy to look at what kind, but it's red. Salmon red. It.....uh....sits in my room...and I occasionally play it. It's got like......a snare. And a bass. And 3 toms. I'm pretty much clueless on info 'bout dis drumy. All I know is I can play it, and badly. I want to practice, but I'm scared of annoying my neighbors. 

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drumming is my first true love. been playing about four years now.


discontinued yamaha rydeen. 8x10, 10x13, 16x16, 14 inch snare.


nothing special, but my cymbals are beautiful. 16" k custom session crash, 14" a mastersound hi-hats, 20" sabian aa medium ride, a custom 8" slpash, wuhan 16" china. i'll take some pictures and post 'em. maybe haha

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Originally Posted by chrisftl View Post

drumming is my first true love. been playing about four years now.


discontinued yamaha rydeen. 8x10, 10x13, 16x16, 14 inch snare.


nothing special, but my cymbals are beautiful. 16" k custom session crash, 14" a mastersound hi-hats, 20" sabian aa medium ride, a custom 8" slpash, wuhan 16" china. i'll take some pictures and post 'em. maybe haha

Very nice! I love Yamahas, and you have some beautiful cymbals indeed. Here's what I've got:


-6" Stagg Black Metal Bell

-8" Stagg DH Splash

-14" Meinl Byzance Dark Hats

-18" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash

-18" Wuhan China w/ Sizzle Beads

-20" Meinl Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Ride

-20" Meinl Byzance Dark Ride


I also used to have 16" and 18" Sabian Artisan crashes. Some of the most beautiful sounding and looking cymbals ever made imo. I almost just wanted to frame them on my wall they were so amazing, haha. Unfortunately I had to sell them off though. They just didn't mesh well with the type of music I'm currently playing, and I couldn't afford to buy all new cymbals out of pocket.

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I've been playing on and off for about 17 years, and I still use the same Pearl Export drums that I bought when I started back in high school, for practice or jamming. Here's my current set up at home:



Pearl Export drums, 22" bass drum (Evans Genera G2's on top and bottom; Evans Genera bass drum w/ cutout)

Yamaha Musashi Oak snare drum (Remo Emperor on top and bottom)

Remo O-rings

Evans bass drum muffle ring



Pearl DR-80 rack

Pearl cymbal half stands

Pearl ride stand

Pearl 900 hi-hat stand with clutch

Pearl Demon Drive bass pedal

Roc N Soc throne



Zildjian 14" Mastersound hi-hats

Zildjian 16" & 18" A Custom crashes

Zildjian 10" A paper thin splash

Zildjian 20" rock ride



Rhythm Tech shaker and hi-hat tambourine

LP Jam block and cowbell



Vic Firth 55A

Vic Firth SD9

Vic Firth Steve Gadd

Pro Mark Hot & Lightning rods

Vic Firth cymbal mallets and brushes (forgot model names)


The church I play at runs Tama-somethings (never cared to figure out model) with a combination of Zildjian A cymbals and ride and Sabian AAX cymbals and hats. Drums are running (I think) Remo Pinstripe heads and the snare's an Ambassador. It's a lot different from my tune at home, where I want a lower, quick decay tune on my toms and a boomy floor tom. The church set is a very open, more mainstream tune with a note that carries a long way per strike. Also my bass drum at home is more of an open boom where at church it's kind of like a low thud.


I'm really glad to see other drummers here on head-fi!

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^^Nice rivalyoung.


Even though this thread hasn't sparked much interest, it's severely lacking in photos. wink_face.gif Been tracking drums for an EP for the last 5 days. Took some quick pictures:




(This building used to be a recording studio, then it became a church hence the cross, and now it's temporarily a recording studio again.)




Slightly Head-fi related. There's some Ety mc5's sitting on the throne there. Also that's not me in the picture, haha. The drums are nothing notable, just some birch PDPs, except for the snare drum, which is a Mapex Blonde Birdseye Maple Black Panther 13"x6". Snare is Vintage Emperor over Black Suede, toms are Vintage Emperor over Coated Ambassador, bass is Powerstroke 4 and I think an Emad on the reso side. Normally I don't set up my cymbals quite that way, but I was trying to get them all picked up by the microphones more evenly.

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Sweet setup manveru! Is that a Zil Bell on top of the crash above your snare? Interesting! I play "open" with my left hand for hats a la Carter Beauford style, but instead of having my ride on the right  and playing it with my right hand I have my ride on the left of my hats My crashes are above my two rack toms respectively and the splash on a boom arm off one of the cymbal stands to sit right between my rack toms. Because my cymbals are all near the left and center of the throne, here's a big gaping open space above my floor tom. Been meaning to hit the shops to try out some Chinas or effects cymbals but haven't had the time. I'll try and snap some pics of my church's setup where I play most, as I don't play at home anymore because I'm too busy these days.

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Open-handed and ride on the left? That's really cool actually. I love unique setups like that. The bell is actually one made by Stagg, although I did own a Zil Bell at one point a few years ago. I like the Stagg better though.

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Nice, I'll have to check it out! I've been a Zildjian guy since I started, but I do know that they're overpriced for what you get. Lately I've been really digging the sounds of some Paistes and Sabians for much less than what I paid for my cymbals. I'll have to look for a local shop that carries Stagg because my Guitar Center doesn't (to my knowledge) carry that brand in the cymbal room.


And to the other posters that are missing acoustic kits, hey, I've been thinking of getting a Roland V-Drum setup for a while now. True that although they're the "best" electronic kit out there, you still miss the tactile feel of acoustics, but it's incredible what they can do with them now! And being able to play to your fav songs and record with a touch of a button without a full mic and trigger setup is a huge plus!

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