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So, well... Here is the discussion for all you drum addicts out there.. Post pics of your kit, discuss etc.


My kit I am still building on, I used to have an electronic one, but it broke :(


Anyways, I am still building up my acoustic kit, so I wont have pics right now.

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I play drums in the drumline at school, also, concert band and the such. I still consider myself good at kit drumming though :D

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Thats great! Sorry for the late response lol. Do you have a kit btw? And no one else plays the drums??

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I play drums too.


I own a Traps electronic kit and a Premier Royale (an old vintage acoustic kit).


I do love cymbals and love the Zildjin K-series, of which I have the 16" Dark crash 17" Custom crash and 20" ride. 


I play in a band and have been for the past 4 years. We're an indie band and just enjoy jamming and improvising constantly.


I think my next upgrade may be a Black Panther snare, but the're pretty expensive :(.

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I used to dabble a little in university, but not anymore - too many hobbies to maintain. I still have my electronic pad set, Yamaha DD50, stashed somewhere in the store room though.

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Play everyday. 

Gretsch 5 Piece.

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Just ordered a new snare drum.  The World Max Jade tiger :


Should be here Monday :D

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I am about to order a nice Roland TD 9KX electronic kit. It will be my first serious kit, and will probably end up leading to buying a proper acoustic kit, although I would need to move house for that to happen! Can't wait to get playing in near silence, except for in my headphones!

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I just started drumming recently and I've mostly been using a used Roland TD3 that I got with throne, bass pedal and a mesh snare for ~$450.  I use this the most since it sounds good enough for learning on, and I can play late at night (when I usually have my opportunities). 


When I want to play on an acoustic set, I borrow my dad's set which is mostly an old Slingerland kit in black and chrome.  It could use some tuning, but its a pretty nice setup. 

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I'm coming up on 11 years drumming on Jan 7, 2011.  Unfortunately, the last 4-5 years have been marred by being away from home or university consuming my soul, so my actual experience should probably be closer to 5 or 6.


My set is pretty simple: Yamaha Stage Custom (10, 12, 16, 22 dimensions) and a Sonor Force 2003 Snare.  Hardware is all Yamaha 6000 series except my bass drum pedal, which is an old Iron Cobra. 

Cymbals are: Sabian 14" XS20 regular hats, 16" XS20 Medium crash, 21" AAX Memphis Ride (so slick sounding), and a Zildjian 14" extra thin dark crash.


When school stops killing me, I fully plan on giving it a good session of love.


EDIT: its a stage custom, not a tour custom...boy I've really lost touch with my set...

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Ah, nice setup to both of you smily_headphones1.gif

I just was able to get a new pair of hi-hats for my drums--meinl 14" soundcaster hi-hats, and after I sold my Jh13's I got a pair of trick drum pedals (amazing.). So now I just need two more cymbals to complete my kit! Man one year seemed like it has been 3 years alone on trying to finish my kit haha.

Anyhow, I am going to be doing drum covers within the next year, so I may post my YouTube channel smily_headphones1.gif!
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I'm not sure about your Meinls, but I always tend to find that Meinls play a little hot on the attack with less sizzle than other hats.  If thats the case I suggest some of the Sabian AAX line to fill things out - very nice hot attack.

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You should definitely post your channel here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in hearing some of your covers! 

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Actually I love my meinls. They are nice and bright, and I used to like more dark sounding cymbals/hi-hats, but I am starting to like a sort of brighter sound. I know a lot of people don't really like meinls, but I personally love mine.

As for covers, I can post my channel but there really aren't any covers on, I still gotta get either a good videocamera, or mics, and with the music I cover it's really fast, and has a lot of footwork, so it takes practice to perfect a song. I used to be able to cover fine on my electronic set, but it broke, so I was never able to record any videos. Btw, if someone has some nice bright sounding cymbals (more in the mid-high end range) I am looking for a 20-22" ride, crash, and 15-17" china. Preferably meinl, sabian, or zildjian.
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Like I noted above, Sabian AAX are pretty hot sounding and fairly aggressive in terms of attack, probably the brightest series in Sabian's lineup that isn't lower end tin/bronze mix, though the older Pro (NOT B8 Pro) line has some seriously bright sounding stuff.  I haven't tried the newer APX series


For Zildjian, I'd avoid the K/K custom series altogether - they're relatively dark and sizzle more than cut.  I also think the A series would be too dark to compliment the Meinl's properly.  Maybe check out their middle tier offerings with a slightly higher tin content, I find their middle end is better than Sabian's offerings.


If you can spring for Paistes, the rude series have a really bright attack and project really well.  2002s are another series from Paiste worth looking into too.


I find with china's, a cheap wuhan usually does the trick.

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