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SOLD: Woo Audio WA5LE silver, pristine!

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I've always been a speaker person despite a brief stint with some HD650s and a Meir Opera a few years ago.  Recently I decided to try headphones again.  I ended up buying

this basically new Woo Audio WA5LE from a head-fier along with his hd800s.


WOW!!!!!  I never would have believed that headphones could be so good!  Just incredible sounding.  A friend tried his HD595s with my amp and couldn't  believe the difference this amp made.


So - why am I selling?  Because I love this amp so much I want to get this sound through speakers also.  I have already paid a deposit and Jack is building a full WA5 for me which will

be ready in a couple of weeks.  Have some Tekton speakers coming this way also.


This amp doesn't show up for sale used very often so this is your chance to own one of the best headphone amps made at a very reasonable price.  It's the stock version and was new and

only had 20-30 hrs. when I purchased it.  I have had it about 3.5 weeks and put another 60-80 hours on it.  It's in immaculate condition and I am pricing it two ways:


with stock tubes:  SOLD


with Sophia Princess 300b mesh plates:  SOLD


I will INCLUDE shipping (conus) with insurance in the above prices and absorb paypal fees. 

This amp ordered from Woo Audio is:  $2500 + $200 shipping (his standard charge) = $2700.  And then you have to wait 4 weeks for it to be built. 


So, this is a $550 discount on a basically new amp without having to wait for the build.  Will be shipped in the original wooden crates and packaging.


Please contact me with any questions, phone conversations also welcome.  I don't have many posts / feedback here but have a lot on audiogon (Davo50) and ebay (davo447).



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Free bump for an awesome amp at a great price!!!!  Basically the price of a WA22 but with better sound :)

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PM back.

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