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I need advice please.

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Hi All


I'm new to this site, I'm 27 and I live in the north east of England.


I wondered if you guys could offer some advice/recommendations please.

I recently purchased a Cowon S9. I had read on the net that the supplied earphones were rubbish so I opted to buy a different pair to go with it, to really enhance and bring out the music.


I don't really have extensive knowledge on IEM's so I took a gamble and went for the 'Monster Turbine PRO (Copper)'

They arrived yesterday, I tried them and sent them back today.

The bass wasn't strong enough and I couldn't seem to get a good enough fit, maybe I need advice on how to get a good fit as I've heard it's crucial to making the phones sound the best.


I'm after a decent pair of earphones that will provide strong bass but not too overpowering. I mostly listen to pop and indie music.

So a pair that will be compatible with those genres is ideal.

My budget is up to £190 (Approx $300)


All advice and/or recommendations are most welcome and appreciated. You guys seem to know what you're talking about.

I understand that earphones are different to each individual, however, I would still like to know what you think.


Great site and thanks for reading my post!



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I reckon you might enjoy the Radius DDMs if its good bass you want without it blasting all the other frequencies out the way...


You can get them here in UK from iheadphones: http://www.iheadphones.co.uk/headphones/24662/Radius+HP-TWF11.htm


If you can get on with their looks, you'll have some extra dosh to buy some music with....


Otherwise, if you can find an extra tenner, for £200 I totally recommend the Ortofon e-Q7:



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Yeah, IE8.

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I think if bass is what you're after, IE8 is really what you want; besides, you can fine tune the amount of bass response yourself. However, the general feeling is the even at the smallest bass setting, it's thought to be too high for most.
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The bass valve doesn't really do anything - at least to my ears, so I leave it turned up. I don't think the IE8s have too much bass; I just don't have to add much from the EQ options of my various players.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the recommendations.


I've decided to go for the Sennheiser IE8's & I also purchased some Sony Hybrids (Just in case)


I have 2 pairs of Comply TX-400 foam tips (Medium) unused if anyone wants them? (Free to a good home and I will post them tomorrow)

I did have 3 pairs but I used a pair on the Monster Turbine PRO's.


Contact me. First one to message me gets them!



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Hi Guys


I have 2 pairs of Comply TX-400 Foam tips in size Medium if anybody wants them.

(Free to a good home)


I'll only post within the UK. Send me a PM with your address and there yours. First person to do so will get them.

I did have 3 pairs but I used a pair on the Monster Turbines that I sent back.



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