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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post
Just an update: The Ref 7 will be on its way soon to GuyDebord in NY, where it will move West, ending up early next year in California with Uncle Erik (and moonboy403, whom I haven't contacted yet).  I don't see any reason, after that, why it can't head back east if there is still a lot of interest.


Unless there are people who are willing to double-box or completely re-box, I would advise against adding too many people to the loaner program. Re-shipping a single box too many times will eventually make the box unusable. I can fairly easily double-box or re-box if necessary but doubt that too many other people would be able or willing.

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Any updates?


I'm hoping the participants will be posting their impressions here.

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It will only have been posted off yesterday, since I had to confirm the order people would get it, so it's going to be a few weeks yet.

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Looking forward to the true test of Audio-gd high-end DAC.

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I would love to be a part of this. I would love to compare it to my Eastern Electronic Minimax. Please include me if at all possible. I do not have a balanced setup but I think I have plenty of high grade equipment. 

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Just send you a PM to see if I'm able to be in the loaner program. 

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I wont be adding anyone else to the program until it has reached Uncle Erik next year.  People are welcome to show their interest though and we'll what condition it and the box are in then.  

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That would be fine.  I'll be subscribing to this thread.  I'll await feedback from you guys.  ;) 

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If it is coming from China, I'm guessing it will be in a wooden crate and boxed inside with packing peanuts?

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Methinks you'd be guessing incorrectly.

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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

If it is coming from China, I'm guessing it will be in a wooden crate and boxed inside with packing peanuts?

From my experience when I bought the Audio-Gd Phoenix, it came double boxed instead of a wooden crate. 

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First of all, an applause with many thanks to Kingwa and Currawong for making this happen and of course to the fantastic community of Head-Fi!


No words for the moment, but I hope the pictures speak for themselves as a first look. The box arrived 5 hours ago, the dac is already connected and I have been using it instead of the Lyngdorf DPA-1 which I was using as my main dac together with a naim dac. I have decided to do the testing on my speaker system rather than my Stax rig, as much as I love my Staxen, they cannot even approach the feet of my Kharma CRM 3.2FE's.


The associated equipment for COMPARISON will be the following:



  • Lyngdorf DPA-1
  • Logitech Transporter
  • Naim DAC


Digital cables:

  • Siltech Golden Ridge AES/EBU and Coax
  • van den Hul Digicoupler and Opticoupler


Power cables (all driven by the PS Audio Power Plant Premier):

  • Oyaide Tunami GPX-R
  • Nordost Brahma and Vishnu
  • Siltech SPX30mk2



  • Kharma Grand Reference XLR's
  • Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II XLR and RCA's


All the other related equipment can be found in my signature under "speaker system"


So far I have noticed a wider soundstage in a laid back kind of way vs the Lyngdorf. Also there was significantly less bass impact with the Ref. 7, however this is changing fast. It only has been playing for less than 4 hours, I really dont expect much at this stage. I will of course continue to post my impressions. CLICK AT THE LINK BELLOW, Enjoy!




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Doesn't the naim dac use a similar R2R chip design?

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Wow that's a nice looking setup :).


Kingwa advises users to put a sheet of paper underneath the ref 7 if it is sitting on another audio equipment because the feet is aluminum and chassis is ground.

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