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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

Uncle Erik: It'd be good to have your feedback on it.


I just need people to PM me their addresses so, as n3rdling suggested, I can work out the most effective order so that shipping distances can be minimised. Also if anyone wants to have it at a particular time for a meet, let me know.  According to Kingwa, he can send one anytime, so I figure once we have a couple more people we can have a look at how the cities spread out and go from there.


Also, Kingwa said he will include a USBFace with it.  When someone asked him about the Reference 7, which has USB, he replied that the USB implementation in the USBFace is better (which probably makes a USBFace + Reference 1 a more cost-effective DAC solution) but it's another thing one can experiment with if one chooses.

Currawong- with the DPS3 being in the DI (not in the USB input of his DAC's), plus the discount when you buy both, it's a total no-brainer to get the DI when buying his DAC. I have posted this before but the cost is about $60 more to get the DI versus buying a DAC with the USB.

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I have also been intrigued by the A GD DACs. I would like to throw my name in the hat but do understand this will be a popular request.

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Cool beans. I'll be interested in reading these impressions.

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I'm not sure how people feel about shipping across borders. I don't think I would pay a couple $100 in duties to hear it.

If we declared/insured it at a lower value and as a gift than that solves that issue but raises another issue- that of it shipping not fully insured.


I would be comparing it to Assemblage 3.1 with XLR output to studio monitors.

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Good luck to you all who will be testing this unit, I would love to participate but way too busy at the moment. Do look forward to reading your impressions, cheers.

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Updated the list just now.  I think 9 people is plenty.   If anyone else wants in, feel free to ask.  Some info about what gear you have ("Gear is in my profile" is fine) would help.

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Interested to see reviews of this. Just ordered a phoenix over the weekend, was considering an audio-gd dac too, but gonna wait for reviews.

I hope one of the guys getting this to try out has a T1 (and an HD800) to try them with that.

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The phoenix is extremely unforgiving. I would not recommend using it with a $250 source. Even used with a $500 source, dac19mk3, the sound was lukewarm with the phoenix, because the amp reveals the technical ability of dac's very well, but using accessories like power filter did help a good amount. Phoenix is also a small degree unforgiving of my $1000 balanced dac I believe mainly due to the pmd-100 digital filter in it.


If you get only one thing from audio-gd I would recommend a dac instead of amp. If you get both, they offer a small discount over email.

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Agree with haloxt... Roc (baby Phoenix) tend to reveal all that source feeds him... could make you unhappy with your source (made me).


Note also that, A-GD headamps' output can be somewhat "tailored" to match better specific headphones/sound tastes by just altering bias voltages.


Enjoy your Phoenix.

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Good luck with the programme guys.  Had my eyes on the Ref1/7 for ages now, but was never sure.  I sure hope it doesn't go around trouncing 8k dacs - or I'd have to switch everything over to balanced drive!!!  Cheers.

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Looking forward to reading everyone's reviews.  I have no doubt that everyone who listens to it will enjoy it.  I think it's also important to mention that you leave the Reference 7 on for 60 - 90 minutes to warm up before doing any serious listening/reviewing because it takes that long for the SQ to come to a focus (as Kingwa will verify).

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All of my solid state DAC's (4) are always left on, as are my preamps and headphone amps. My DAC's that utilize Tubes (2) are generally turned on when I get home. I wish my tubed units had a "Standby" mode that powered down the tube but kept the solid state circuitry powered up. All of my systems clearly sound better once they've been powered up for awhile.

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I could never leave my gear on all the time.  Aside from it using electricity, it gets very hot here.  Today it was 111°F.  However, the Ref 7 does not get hot (whereas the Ref 1 did), just slightly warm and only if it's been on for a long time.

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I might be interested as well, but most of my headphone gears are gone so I don't know if I qualify. 


Here's what I have at the moment: 


Source: Accuphase DP57

Amp: Headamp Pico Slim

Headphone: JH13 Pro

Preamp: Placette Audio Remote Volume Control

Studio Monitor: Adam S3A

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Just an update: The Ref 7 will be on its way soon to GuyDebord in NY, where it will move West, ending up early next year in California with Uncle Erik (and moonboy403, whom I haven't contacted yet).  I don't see any reason, after that, why it can't head back east if there is still a lot of interest.

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