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FS: Darkvoice 336i

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Darkvoice 336i amp for sale. I bought this from a head-fi member two years ago and have enjoyed it immensely with my Sennheiser HD600 phones. It works 100% correctly and the only flaw the amp has are a few paint chips that were probably there from the factory. The amp has a couple of nice upgrades: solid metal volume knob and pointy brass feet. There is also a great selection of excellent tubes - my favorite combination is the Svetlana and the brown base (seen in the pictures). It will ship in the original box. Asking $275(firm) plus actual shipping and insurance costs. PM me with any questions. Thanks!

darkvoice_336i10.jpg   darkvoice_336i9.jpg   darkvoice_336i8.jpg   darkvoice_336i7.jpg   darkvoice_336i6.jpg   darkvoice_336i5.jpg   darkvoice_336i4.jpg   darkvoice_336i3.jpg   darkvoice_336i2.jpg   darkvoice_336i1.jpg   tubes1.jpg   tubes2.jpg  tubes3.jpg

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And price decrease from $300 to $275

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Sending you a pm - looking to see if I can pick up.

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I never got a response from you?

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I am interested. You will ship with all these tubes, or they was in original package with Darkvoice? How much shipped to Slovakia? Thanks.

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BUMP Still available

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You've got a PM

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Is this still available?

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Still available?

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Keen to buy... 

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