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Questions about Akg k702 paired with Nationite S:flo2

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Hello there! I am waiting on an S:flo2 from mp4nation.com and looking to buy some k702s   I am aware that they are demanding phones and need a good amp. I would like to ask some questions regarding the k702's SQ when paired with an S:flo2:





1. Would the audio technology in the S:flo2 such as the Philips TDA1308 headphone amp, the Rockchips rk2806, and the dual Wolfson DACs provide enough juice to drive the k702s to an acceptable level?






2. The audio hardware within an S:flo2 is comparable to how expensive of a portable amp?






3. What would be a good portable amp under $100 that would improve the k702s in the low end/bass department?






I mainly listen to classic rock, electronic, and metal. Although I've been researching headphones for quite a while now, i have only my trusty PortaPros. I do not know very much about amping though   







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You'd need something a bit better than a $100 amp to run the K702s out of an S:Flo2. You'd probably have to up your budget to at least $250 for the new iBasso.

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The S:Flo 2 will probably be able to drive the K702 to a listenable volume, but it won't drive it as well as a proper home amp. The internal amp is about as good as an OK $100 PORTABLE amp. There aren't many portable amps under $100. Your best option is probably a Fanmusic MK2 which is a surprisingly good portable amp.




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Umm... it won't work; you'lll get enough volume to maybe make it listenable to an audio podcast or videos or something but nothing concerning music.


WIth an amp..... for 100 bucks you won't be doing any justice to the phones. You'll be able to get the volume up to hear music better but they won't sound anywhere near their best.


I used to have an ALO Rx and thought I was driving them nicely (7 volts) (check the site for the specs) but after switching to the iBasso PB1 I now know that the Rx was showing maybe 50% of their potential.


They really need a powerful amp.

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the k701/2 needs a very strong amp, think of them as 600 ohm headphones. the bass, fullness, and stage come out only on a powerful amp. nothing portable will do these cans justice. its crazy , but these headphones scale to an amp more than any other headphones i have had, and i have had 100s'

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Yeah u guys are right. i WONT be doing any justice to these phones with my current setup. I'll start to consider buying those Akgs when i have money to buy a great amp. But for now ill probably get the Shure 750s

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I can see this thread hasn't been touched in a couple of months, but im looking at doing the exact same thing as the OP. The S:flo2 does have a dedicated line out port, will plugging the K702's into it produce a better sound or will it just be louder?

P.S In the interest of not derailing the thread, if anyone replies, I do plan on buying a headphone amp to use, I'm just curious as to how the K702's would sound on the go.

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you shouldn't just plug the headphones into the LO port, for one, it isn't made to drive headphones, it is made to be fed into an amp where the sound can be tamed and controlled to sound good. You will get better SQ out of the headphone jack.

To answer your second question.... They are too big and open to properly be used on the go; they are meant to be used in a quiet place; their ppm design gives credit to that.
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I should have worded that differently, by on the go I meant if i wanted to go sit in my living room instead of my bedroom or if i was at a friends house.

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Oh well I don't know how sitting in a different room would affect tthe sound quality... But it there is any outside noise it will leak in.

As for mobility, the stock cable is kinda long at around 10 feet; I used to rubber band a portion together since i was never farther than 2 feet from the source, that was until I got a custom cable at least.
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Wow, I should really re-read my posts a few more times before I submit them...By in a different room I mean say i had my computer, DAC, and headphone amp setup in one room. If i go somewhere else I don't have access to all of that, just the headphones and DAP. In this instance the K702s and Nationite S:flo2, how do you think that would sound?

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Oh ok, gotcha :)

Well IMO you should not get these phones if you aren't going to power them by an amp or something. They require decent amplication to sound good. Without it, they will sound tinny and lifeless. A lot of people state that they do indeed, sound tinny and metallic and most people state they they are giving the cans enough power.


To be fair, they are somewhat neutral with a bit of emphasis in the treble and coming from something like the Sennheiser HD6## series, other people would say the same thing. Amazing phones though, and if you have the cash, spending a little on a custom cable to change the sound a bit is an option too; I went and got the BLue Dragon cable from Moon Audio and it definitely gave the lower end and mids some love.


But yea, you have to have an amp of some kind hooked up to these, either that or an adequate receiver; anything but just a portable DAP. 

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