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This would be an awesome opportunity. Giving it a shot.


Country: United States

Camera: Canon handheld model

Source: Audio GD DAC19 DF, iPhone 3G, Zune 80GB

Amp: Audio GD C2

Headphones: Denon AH-D7000, Yuin PK1

Favorite Music: Little mix of everything... but most notably mainstream pop/rock and foreign.

Review Link: DAC19 + C2 + D7000 Review

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Country: United States

Camera: Nikon D90 & Canon HF S20 HD camcorder 

Source: Macbook Pro

Amp: Fiio E5

Headphones: Denon D2000 and more.

Favorite Music: Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Dance and some. 


Review will also be posted on my personal review website. Gadgetmac.com.

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Country: Mexico

Camera: Canon Rebel XT with Canon 18-55mm lens and Sigma DG 70-300 macro lens

Source: Asus Republic Of Gamers G51, Asus EEe Pc, Ipod Touch 8gb, Ipod Classic 160Gb, Ipod Nano 8Gb, Sony BDP-s500 Blue-Ray Player, Creative Xmod

Amp: Harman Kardon HK3390, Denon AVR-790, Live Wire HA04

Headphones: Grado sr125i, Equation RP21(2), Koss KSC-75, Sony mdr-v150, Bose Tripod

Favorite Music: Rock, Alternative, Classic, Blues

Reviews:  I havent made any formal review for magazines or stuff like that, however I will really love to make a serious review about an amp.

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I don't fit all of the specified criteria that your company is looking for primarily because I am new to the mid / high end audio scene. I am a scientist by trade so I think I could do a good job at writing an objective review.


Other details that you asked for:


Country: Australia, but I will have moved to Germany by the time the review period starts

Sound sources: Alienware M11x, Corda 3Move, iBasso D10, Cambridge DACMagic, Cowon J3 (in the mail)

Amplifiers: Corda 3Move, iBasso D10, K.I.C.A.S. Caliente

Headphones: AKG K701, Beyerdynamic T50 P (in the mail), Koss KSC-75

DSLR: Canon 400D

Favourite music: Metal, progressive rock, hard rock, classic rock, acoustic music, live music


Reviews: none as yet, but I do plan to review the T50 P and the J3 when they arrive in the mail early next week. Not sure what to do the third review on as the rest of what I own has been reviewed many times before.


If I was chosen as a reviewer I would be willing to pay a discounted rate for the review product if I enjoyed it or send it back to you if I didn't.



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I hope I'm not too late :)


I have a review channel on YouTube that covers audiophile equipment here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeckhandDavy. My review alias is Deckhand Davy.


Nation: USA


Sources: Custom HTPC Computer, Custom Workstation Computer, Nationite s:Flo 2, hi Sound Amp3 Pro, Macbook, iPod Mini

Amplifiers & DACs: Little Dot MK IV, Kenwood KAF-5002 T.R.A.I.T.R., NAD C315 bee, BLUE CIRCLE Hat Peed Thingee (HPT), FIIO e7, Music Fidelity V-DAC, NUFORCE Icon Mobile, HRT Streamer

Headphones: DENON AHD2000, AKG k701, GRADO SR325is, BEYERDYNAMIC DT990, JVC HA-RX900, YUIN PK3

Camera: Canon T2i DSLR (HD), Canon XH A1 (HD), Canon XL2, Canon S90


Favorite Music:  Electronic/Dance/Downtempo/Lounge, Jazz, Blues, Instrumental, Classic Rock, Folk, Pop, Hip/Hop


Reviews* (All YouTube Reviews):





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Hey there, just want to apply and see what happens :)   


1. Nation: United States of America

2. Audio Device: Zune HD, Sansa Fuze, and HTC Evo as source. Headphones are a pair of custom CK10's, Koss KSC75, MEElectronics M6/9. Own the Fiio E3 and E5.

3. I own a Canon Powershot SD780IS :P

4. Music: I primarily listen to Rock and Classical, all FLAC or MP3 320KBPS

5. Articles: Well, I own the site http://www.audiologies.com, so you can use that as reference. I can do a review there too.


Thanks for the opportunity.

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I dont know if it is too late but here is my info:


Nation: TURKEY

Headphones: Sennheiser HD600 (Recabled), Audio Techcnica AD900 (Modded), Beyerdynamic DT770/80 (Recabled), Ortofon E-Q7, Audio Technica CK10, Stax SR001 MKII

Amps: La Figaro 336, Fiio E1 (Used Fiio E3 and E5)

Sources: Musical Fidelity V-Dac, iPod Video 30GB, iPhone 3G 8Gb, Sony NWZ-A815

Camera: Not DSLR but enough macro performance Sony W100

Favorite Music: Rock, Jazz, some RnB


Article: I have none in this website but I have more than 5 in a website which is in our native language. Also I have an IEM comparison article with IEMs in my profile.. It was very hard to write.. (Can give thread links if demanded.)

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1.Nation: USA, Maine


     2.the audio device : Iriver h120, Zune HD, Sansa Clip+, Fiio e3, and e5

camera mode you owed: Canon DSLR, Canon  video


     3.The style of your favorable music: Rock


     4.The article for review and the related interlinkage: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/501305/mee-m9-video-review


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OH!!! I reached all requirement except "be HEAD-FI member registered before 2009."


But I hope I can be one of volunteer.


Nation : Thailand

Sources: iPod Nano Gen4 , SAMSUNG BEAT Mobilephone (Audio By Bang&Olufsen ICEpower), iMobile Capsule, Creative DAP-FL0007 mp3 player, Sony PSP, Desktop computer with ASUS XONAR Essence STX Soundcard.

Amplifiers: FiiO E1, FiiO E3, FiiO E5, FiiO E7, iBasso D2

Headphones: Soundmagic PL12, Monster beats by dr.dre, Koss KSC75, Koss Portapro, Koss PRO 4AAT, Grado SR125, Grado SR225

Camera: Nikon D60 DSLR with AFS 18-55 Lens.

Favorite Music: R&B,Jazz,Alternative/Rock,Classical,New age

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