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Considering options

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So i was looking at headphones which don't need an amp and for use with my laptop and willing to spend about $60-70 tops. I went through jokers portable shooutout thread and found the CALs to be of my liking but I can't seem to find them at that price. They have to be fully circum-aural and not touching my ears. Sound and comfort is my top-most priority and then the build quality. They don't really have to be portable.


Any recommendations which I can look at?


Sorry for the duplicate thread I didnt really know where to post this

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My choice would definitely be Koss UR 40.

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Audioholic edited post lol, but I believe you cannot go wrong with the Koss Porta Pro. For sure. Cheap as hell and they sound fantastic. You won't have complaints about lack of bass with these and the clarity and detail is also great.


For me they are the ultimate in cheap portable headphones. I do not believe you can get better in that regard. Except for maybe the PX100 but they look to be bulkier.

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Yess, I would go with portapro, but he stated that he wants circum-aural hp, and UR40 has the same drivers as portapro and sound maybe even better, so.. there you go  :)

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Ah, missed that vital piece of info buried right in the middle of the body of text lol, teaches me to read it all properly :p

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Another option I just thought of would be the Sony MDR-V6.


Thats the only headphone in the $~70 area that I would recommend.

Other than Grado's

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I already have the KSC-75 so I really don't want to get the portapros. Secondly I find the KSC-75 sound a little aggressive so I'm not too sure about the UR-40. How are the sennheiser 515s?


@nullstring: Can't use ebay. Already mentioned that in the first post.


Any other suggestions?

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I would recommend Audio Technica ATH-A700s (READ: A700, not AD700) as they completely engulf your ears. They are extremely comfortable and sound great too. About $117 USD on Amazon.com. Ask me more if you want a more thorough overview. They are enormous, but they still were not hard to fit in a backpack to bring on an airplane (Thank you Audio Technica, I couldn't have made it without your!) to Florida from Seattle. I wore them for 4 hours straight and they were not the least bit uncomfortable.

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Originally Posted by Jozurr View Post


@nullstring: Can't use ebay. Already mentioned that in the first post.


Any other suggestions?

I must be blind. I can't find anything about ebay in your first post.


In any case, did you look into the Sony MDR-V6's?

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