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RE2 --> RE0? RE Zero?

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I'm considering upgrading from RE2s to the RE0.  I currently use Grado SR60i and the RE2.  The RE2s are getting the most use during commuting to and from work.  As a source, I use an iPhone 4.  I also have a Fifo E5 that I occasionally use with the RE2.  I am just wondering if I should expect much difference in the RE0?  I will say that I have been happy with the RE2. I listen to all kinds of music.  The reviews for the RE0 for the most part are great...the RE Zero are also an option I guess.  Anyhow, any suggestions, recommendations or advice?  




Mr. Yabai

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I'm no expert, but I have both the RE-2 and the RE-Zero and at this point I greatly prefer the sound of the RE-Zero.


Of my commuting headphones, the RE-2 is currently last on the commute list behind the RE-Zero, Radiopaq Classical and Yuin PK-3.  I did like the RE-2 a lot better then the Meelectronics AI-M6 (which I no longer own).


My biggest problem with the RE-2 for commuting is isolation (or lack thereof).  For home listening, I prefer an open sound like the RE-2.  For commuting, I prefer a balanced sound because the mids help to block out a lot of distracting noise.  I found the RE-2 unsuitable for a noisy commute on a full bus during rush hour because I could still hear loud conversations and in a few extreme cases, even the music other people blasting ear buds were listening to.  The problem was compounded by the RE-2's mids which to me sound recessed and in the background.  In fact, I even prefer my Yuin PK-3 ear buds for commuting over the RE-2.


As for the RE-Zero's, after only around 25+ hours of burn-in time, there is no doubt that these are my best sounding headphones.  Very detailed and very balanced.  The only negative I've noticed thus far, is the bulky adapter, which means that I will be forced to ditch the travelling case for my Sansa Fuze.  Of course, the real test will be next week when I actually use my RE-Zero during my loud commute using real Sony hybrid tips (which I preferred over the stock tips).


Hope this helps.

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The RE0 needs more juice than the RE2 to sound good.  Just off an iPhone the RE0 may sound too thin.  There are a lot of decent to really good IEMs on the market now under $60 that will give you good isolation once the music gets going.  For example, I have both of these: the Meelec M9 is about the cheapest that is pretty good, and the Thinksound Rain (when you plug the port below the front nozzle) is very good for $50-60.  Both of them have a much more dynamic, engaging sound that will make you commute very enjoyable.

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I had the M9 and IMO it is on a lower level SQ than the RE0.

The Rain is closer to SQ level of the RE0 and would be more fun sounding with more bass on an iPhone, but many people have commented on the fiio E5 bringing the bass out of the RE0.

The ZERO will drive more easily on the iPhone (16 ohm compared to 64 ohm) and could be worth considering too.

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Thanks for the comments. 

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@murano , thanks for your thoughts 

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RE-Zero would sound lot better than RE-0 unless you plan to pair a good amp + lineout with the iPhone . RE-0 are not easy to drive and amps like Fiio E5 don't help much .  I would say get the RE-zero if you dont mind that small adapter to convert the balanced plug to normal one.

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Thanks for all of the information.  After reading many posts describing the RE0 and RE Zero, I've come to the conclusion that they are both great performers for the price.  I have decided that I don't want to have to mess with the adapter to convert the balanced plug to a normal one.  I'm a bit of a minimalist, and these things bother me.  Why would they make a plug like that knowing that most people will want a standard plug?  Perhaps this is a naive question...

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I have had 3 pairs of RE2s over the past year (2 broke due to my fault) I listened to these on a 160gb ipod with a fiio e5. I really enjoyed the sound of them. Last week I upgraded to a set of RE0 and using a LOD, and I love them, very noticeable difference as compared to the RE2s and as mentioned their sound isolation is much better, and I noticed a pretty good improvement with their bass.  Within the next week I'll be constructing a cmoyBB so hopefully that further improves their sounds over the e5.



my 2 cents would be to get the RE0s, I can't vouch for the RE-ZEROs, but like you I didn't want the extra adapter.

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I don't know why people think that the RE0s are hard to drive.  They aren't.   Plus you've already got the E5.  It works great with the bass boost on the REOs.  Like a perfect match. 

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Not hard to drive.

For comparison volume on Walkman RE0 12/30, ZERO 9/30.

i havent tried an E5 , but  will also say RE0 and Walkman is a perfect match too.

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Well, I splurged and went ahead and bought the Etymotic ER4P for $170 on Amazon.  I have a fairly good idea what I'm going to get. I'm not a basshead, so they may work out well for me.  Based on my experience with the RE2, I'd like to try the RE0.  I have seen several reports of people not amping the RE0.  The reviews of the RE0 certainly speak for themselves.


This will be my third or fourth pair of headphones, so I'm still a newbie.  I do have my eye on the Livewires and just may have to give the customs a try.


So, the RE0 will have to wait.  


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I don't know what it is but I'm really trying to love the re-zero's, but the mids, particularly certain vocals and some guitar sounds are rather too harsh for me. I've given them 250 hours of burn in and they have smoothened out a lot... but wow, they sure take a while to break in I guess. Has anyone else experienced this?
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i like the sound of my ZEROs after 150 hrs.

They have become my preferred IEMs now.

i agree they smooth out in the mids, but the mids are still a little forward (which i like)

when i first got them i felt the mids were a bit harsh on some female vocals, but now i am happy.

i have EQed the 400hz up and 2.5khz down a notch and of course "clearbass" up 2 notches.

i could understand on flat EQ the mids could be harsh on some types of vocals

What DAP are you using ?

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Originally Posted by Max F View Post

I don't know why people think that the RE0s are hard to drive.  They aren't.   Plus you've already got the E5.  It works great with the bass boost on the RE0s.  Like a perfect match. 



RE0 is not hard to drive, not even with my ipod classic's built-in amp.

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