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FS Practical Devices XM5 (Canada)

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Hello all.


Since I bought my Headroom Desktop portable, I've not used this little fellow much. And I want a Kindle!


I have the black amp, with lithium battery, charger, the AD8397 chips option, and the stock option. The free mini to mini is there as well.


$225USD shipped insured priority mail in North America. Feedback in my sig. Pictures here (I think). I've applied the velcro and plastic feet.





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How old is it?

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two years, I think-not really sure.

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Is this still available? PM sent.

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Can reply to your last PM due to the daily PM limit for new members, but that answers my question. Send me your PayPal info and the total. I get paid on Friday, so you'll have money in your account that morning.

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