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Originally Posted by elwappo99 View Post

I was directing the comment at a particular someone   but you might have missed out on that thread....   Lets do a socal meet!?!?!?!

I agree! It's time for a big Southern Cali meet. I'm sure there's enough of us Californians to make a really nice convention.  


I don't see why CanJam doesn't try to rent out part of the convention center in San Diego. 


Although I'm sure it's not an easy place to book. 



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Originally Posted by Bigrock2150 View Post

I don't see why CanJam doesn't try to rent out part of the convention center in San Diego. 


Although I'm sure it's not an easy place to book. 



You lack historical perspective. Go back and read the threads pertaining to all of the "National Meets". You'd quickly discover that the attendance although adequate for small to mid size hotels would in no way support renting out a convention center, or even part of one. The Hotel format fits the use and size of a National Headphone gathering fairly well,

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I agree with Yikes. Places like convention centers don't really lend themselves to pre/post and the early am tomfoolery that makes these events so much more fun than a regular meet.

Being able to join guys like Tod (TTVJ) who kept his exhibit room open till the wee hours wouldn't be possible in any place other than a hotel.

Food and drink is usually limited too.

I thought the hotel in LA was killer! Not too big and not too small. Even though we weren't the only big group there, it felt like it. Decent food and drink and that Indian wedding with all their fancy clothes that they wore was very cool.


If the International does happen in NY, I think we can all sleep easy and leave it to Aaron and his crew. It's gonna be the best one yet!

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It's about time for an announcement 


That said, I don't want a rushed convention, so make sure nothing gets decided too soon. If it's in NY I hope to be there this time.

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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

I'd love to have a big european meet as wel, there's a small one now in Berlin (no offence), but it can't be compared to canjam.

Planetickets for me (and I'm just in the country next to it) would cost between 400 en 700€, without any other costs. Going by car would mean an 8 hour drive, and that's for only a 5 hour during event...


I think a UK city would have the best chance to organize such an event, and travelling to the uk is reasonably "cheap" (for me).



No offense taken! :)


I'm still surprised that flights would've been so expensive, there's gotta be some low-cost carriers covering the Belgium-Germany route. It would have been fun to have you in Berlin.


Anyways, I guess a non-US meeting would be more feasible if it was organized in co-operation with the local community, like we do it at our joint meet with (shameless self-praise!). The way I see it, headfi is still a predominantly US community with a more-or-less limited international following, depending on region. But there's plenty of specific national/local communities to tap into and mobilize. As a positive side effect, it makes the meet more diversified. And fosters intercultural exchange to boot! :)


Well, for now I'm looking forward to a fun meet on Saturday with folks coming from Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland in addition to the local crowd.If it's anything but utter failure, chances are we'll put together another one next year, aiming for twice the number of attendees.

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I'm sure you'll have a great time. Enjoy yourselves!! :)

Looking forward to the pictures and the report afterwards

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