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DT880 Manufactering Issues?

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Hi all, I've recently purchased the DT880/600 from Amazon but i was upset to see that it had the same problem the DT770/32 i purchased not long ago from B&H.


This is the Left side of the headphone and plastic piece that is holding the earcups. As you can see, there is clearly a gap. This is due to the faulty screw/screw track attaching the 2 pieces of plastic together. It makes the earcups really flimsy and feel like anytime it will break off.


This is the right side of the headphone and there is no gap in between the 2 plastic pieces. It feels so much more sturdy than the left side as the screws are in tight unlike the left side. I believe that both sides of the plastic pieces are supposed to be like this.


I said earlier that the same problem occured with the DT770 that i bought just that for the 770, both sides are loose and i had to send it back for a refund.(I live in Singapore and sending it back to the US is NOT cheap)


Has anyone else faced these problems too?


On a side note, I'm not writing this to flame the Beyers. I love sound produced by them and the comfort they give.

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NO one? only me?:(

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really sorry to hear about this.


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i dont have this problem with dt990

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Gosh....both the Beyers that I bought have the same problem....am I not meant to own them?

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that is just so unlucky. have you informed beyer of the incident?

Originally Posted by fraggerz View Post

Gosh....both the Beyers that I bought have the same problem....am I not meant to own them?

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Yep. but the last time I mailed them, they weren't of much help and they asked me to ship the item back to B&H which cost me another 40 bucks from Singapore.

I hope that they give me a better solution this time, maybe send a set of the plastic piece over so i can screw them in myself without much hassle

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that would seem to be the better option, although it would require a bit of DIY on your part, but definitely less expense than shipping it back, and easier than fixing it on your own without parts...


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Do you guys think that they'll provide the spare parts?

I really hope they don't ask me to send em back

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I just got a brand new pair of dt880 600 ohm from Amazon and mine is even worse than yours.  One screw on the right side of the head band was barely holding it together.  It popped out after a few minutes of wearing them.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.  I'm still waiting for my Little Dot MKIII to arrive.  This really sucks. 

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If it is not the unique case, is it due the the careless of transportation?? Have you all asked the Amazon?? I think they also need to review the method of sending.

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