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Well, after nearly 2.5 years, my headband got broken.


I have enjoyed them a lot, taking them to NY, London and even to a cruise through Greek Islands. Time for a new experience, but since they've been my first hifi headsets, I've bought the Studio Young Guru version, which I find better well-rounded and way more comfortable.


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I've got my pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 Fool's Gold Edition in January. Since then I used them quite a lot in a club.
I've recently noticed a fracture on headband. Send message to AIAIAI Customer service. They wrote back to me and said that I am qualified to get a replacement. In order to get a replacement they wrote: 

"please cut the cable between the ear cups and the headband and take a picture of your headphones. Once we have received your reply, we will ship a replacement set to the address that you have stated."

Have you guys had same kind of problem ? Did u get replacement (new headphones?) after cutting the cable ?

Here is the image of my AIAIAI: 


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