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WTB: driver for Senn HD580

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Aware they can be had from Sennheiser, but thought I'd see if there were any extras laying around.  Will pay $ of course.

Also have a working 600 ohm hd-540 driver to trade.

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It's a longshot, but still looking...

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I've got only one HD600 driver and I sawed off the bottom cable connector for use in a DIY project. It's in good shape other than that, just a little dirty as of now, but I can clean it off no problem for you. No idea how many hours are on it. If you want to try jerry rigging something together, or have a broken driver you can destroy and steal the cable connector from let me know. I can try to solder some wire onto the voice coil leads as this will probably be kind of difficult. I'd only charge you shipping and am willing to lend a hand any way I can if you need a little help getting together whatever it is you're doing.


If this doesn't quite fulfill your needs I completely understand and wish you luck finding a spare in better condition.



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I got a HD580 with no pads that I think I can salvage off to you, let me know how much $.

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