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I just don't agree and I don't see why there would be any difference btwn acoustic or amplified bass.  If a headphone only sounds good with some genres it is because it is not flat.  The K240DF/K501/K701 don't sound good with rock music because they are not flat- they don't have enough lower mids/bass presence.  Headphones like the HD600, HP1000, etc- headphones that find the middle ground in regards to bass, mids and treble- sound good with all genres because they have flat response.  (some might say the HP1000 doesn't have the soundstage needed for classical but that's another matter). 


I don't understand why the bass heavy coloration gets so much attention and hate on head-fi, but none of the other colorations even get acknowledged.  We don't call people treble heads or bass-phobic or whatever.  So I like to just throw this side into the mix whenever there's one of these theads


I thought Grado's were supposed to be good with rock, and most of them measure far from flat AFAIK.  I like a lot of classic rock with AKG's....mostly the 240DF. The mids are even more important than bass for classic rock... IMO anyway.  The DF is only a let down with real bass centric music like hip hop...they are too rolled off in the low bass. It all comes down to subjective taste doesn't it? Even studio engineers can't agree about which are the 'flattest'. Some of them praise the 70X and at least one well known AE used to hate them.

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