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Calgary, Alberta meeting. 26th september - Page 2

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26th works for me as well.

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ok lets do it on 26th september.


now we will have to confirm

1) the room in U of C

2) the time

3) how many people

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anyone else want to join ?

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Not much chatter on here lately, we still a go for this meet?  Do you need me to book a room at U of C?  Any idea on how many people are coming?

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I want to go, ofcause i want to..


will you be able to get a room???

how much will it be ?


I think



robin W,

,you ( jonjeffman)




 5 for now. if they all show up

I really do hope we can have more,, but

atleast it is a good start.

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Anyone else want to join???


we are going to have 5 people total,

if you have time to come  plz let me know. or let robin w. know

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The meeting was a success.

It was a Nice to meet others in town, and also it is always good to learn something new in the meeting

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