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Calgary, Alberta meeting. 26th september

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Lets come join the Meeting in Calgary!!!





1) Where?


Robin W. 's home



2) When?


We decided to have a Calgary meeting  26th September 2010


3) How many people?


I) furyagain

II) Tycanadian

III) Robin W

IV) jonjeffman


VI) Dweaver






I) furyagain

Denon D7000 

Beyerdynamic T1


II) Tycanadian 


 Sennheiser HD800


III) Robin W


HD650's w/ 580 frame/650 cups/drivers with balanced cable & stock cable
K601's I might make them balanced to work with the portable
MS1's recabled


IV) jonjeffman






I) furyagain,

LD MKV,  Depend on if i can get my MKVII+, MKIVSE from Little dot in time, ordered, not received yet)

II) Tycanadian


III) Robin W 


RW Audio Amp1
RW Audio Portable1 (prototype balanced portable, but probably still won't have a casing yet)
Indeed mini tube amp (first version, I have some nice tubes but haven't tried it, I will have to)


IV) jonjeffman

V) Joelby


PLZ tell me what gear you can bring, i don't believe we need two same headphones or amp in the meeting

plz message me or reply to this thread about what gear you can bring it. 



I am going to send message out to people who did have interest in the Calgary meeting before,

I will also try to contact two others who i sold my gear to locally, see if they want to join.

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come come come come come come in

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I'd love to have a meeting; however, for me it would have to wait until September, since I will be out of town every Sunday in August except the 8th, and I currently have a bruised eardrum from water sports and so I would not enjoy myself if it were this weekend.


I will be back from vacation on September 13th, so anytime after that I would love to go.

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by the way ,


i am selling my grado 225i( used for 1 month, my head is too big) 150 and my MKV( the volume nub doesn't turn smoothly in some area) for 165

local pick up..in Calgary

anyone interest ?

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I'm up for a meet, for this month the 15th or 29th would probably be the best, for next month I'll let you know.

As for location I'm not exactly sure.

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Once you guys have a date I'll let you know if I can make it. My work schedule is too fickle at the moment to make plans.

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U of C is fine with me, I'm not too far from there.


I only have a pair of HD800's though (currently plugged into a home theater amp), so I won't be able to contribute much, but I'd be happy to go if it's in the 2nd half of September.


If August is better for others, feel free to plan it for then and I'll do my best to make the next one.

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I will be really looking forward to try a pair of HD800!! ( T1/ HD800 is going to be my next goal)



I may bring most of my gear with me  to try on different amp and setting



may be we should just do the second half of september,

so we will have more time to get thing ready....


is it ok? guys!

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With some notice I can plan things around the meet, so if you set a date in the 2nd half of Sept. it should work for me as well.

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set for second half of september


19th or 26th


plz let me know what kind of gear you can bring in.!!

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I'm not a student, so I'm not sure what options I have for booking a room at the U of C.  The U of C is pretty easy for me to get to, though, so I'm happy with that as a venue.


All I have are my Sennheiser HD800's, since I am currently using them in a hand-me-down home theater receiver (I know, it's an injustice to the HD800's).  My source is my PC and it's not mobile, unfortunately, since it's huge and needs to be crunching numbers for business essentially all the time.  I really haven't listened to my headphones much, since I went on holidays soon after I bought them last month and am currently getting over a bruised eardrum, which makes listening to headphones rather unpleasant :).


Either of those days in late September will work for me, though.  I apologize for not being able to supply more equipment, but hopefully I can let a few people listen to the HD800's who might not have had the chance yet.

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ok ok


we have hd800 ( thanks for TyCanadian),,

what next ?

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so  which day should we do this??? 19th or 26th ?

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26th is best for me.

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