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Help! Sennheiser CX 300 Precision II or UE Metrofi 220?

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Hey guys i really need help with choosing what earphones to get. My two main contenders are Sennheiser's CX 300 Precision II and the UE Metrofi 220

Please don't tell me to get better earphones because i live in New Zealand and everything here costs a ton and where i live there is not a wide selection. What do i mean by it costs a ton? Well, the Sennheisers are $130 and the UEs are $100. I know it may seem a massive amount for earphones but if i want decent quality earphones this is the price i pay. Another option i have are the Sony MDR EX300SL but they seem like quite old models.

Pretty much what i am asking is about what you know about these 2 earphones preferably through personal experience. I realise everyone has their own preference but what are the standout points in your opinion.

Just in case you are wondering, i listen primarily to Metalcore, Deathmetal, Post-Hardcore and Screamo.


Thanks in advance

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Is ordering from overseas an option? You can do much better than both for a fraction of the money,



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Um no sorry, well not at the moment. My parents (OMG this guy is a kid!) for some reason are really against buying things online especially if it's overseas or has to be shipped. The only things i can use their card for online is xbox membership and ordering stuff at noel leeming. So no and yes i do realise that i could get a lot better for a lot cheaper but these are my options and even though they aren't the best i'll have to make do.

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they might be of help to you

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Ok thanks for the link. This may be possible considering it is in new zealand. I was wondering if you or anyone else has heard of these brands or models on the site because i haven't. Are they any good? I know you guys are trying to help me save money which is greatly appreciated but i am willing to pay for the headphones i mentioned and no one has seemed to be telling me anything about them. Just a couple of links. Once again i realise you guys are trying to help, and succeeding but i cannot guarantee that i will be able to purchase online so it would be helpful if you could comment on the headphones i have mentioned in the OP just in case i cannot buy online. I am guessing that you are only posting these links because the headphones i have mentioned are not worth that amount but once again if you can comment on them or recommend which one to get it would be greatly appreciated. Also please check out the link posted by Mark2410 and tell me if the earphones on the site are any good.

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have a search round here and youll see that there is a lot of love for soundmagic, they are widely regarded as boing great value and great sounding.  im quite a fan on the PL-50 myself.


the cx300 and UE220 arent going to got a lot much love round here and certainly not at that price

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Wow thanks mark, sorry for making it seem like you weren't helping in the previous post. I had a look around and all i found in the impressions and reviews were generally praise for soundmagic. I now realise that the cx300 IIs and the UE220 are not going to get much praise here considering 130 US or pounds would get you a pretty good earphone like shures etc. In regards to soundMAGIC i am looking at the PL-21 and the PL-50. The 21 seems like it might fit my music taste while the 50 seems like it is an all round good earphone. If the earphones are as good as review say they are i may be able to justify paying NZD$120 for the earphones considering that people say they are comparable to earphones twice the price. I also realise i will never be able to get any decent earphones as cheap as you people do. Anyway i'm not sure which to get (PL21 or PL50) but maybe might get both because i was planning on getting cx 300s or UE220s and then getting some skullcandys for when i go running or exercising etc. Now really all i need to do is to decide. Is it worth $40 for the PL21 and is it worth $120 for the PL50 and if they are both worth that amount then which one to get. Can you help here? Once again thank you so much for the link as either way i will either save a massive amount of money or get more value for money.

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Signature-wise the PL21 is much closer to the CX300/UE220 than the PL50 is. For $40 you really can't go wrong with them compared to $120 for the Sennheisers/UEs, which are on the same level in overall sound quality. The PL50 is definitely a major step up in objective terms but whether you will like it more or not is a matter of preference.

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Ok so Joker from what you are saying i am getting this message. If i want something that sounds similar to what i was going to buy except much much cheaper i should get the PL21. This said am i right to assume that it is a good IEM considering it is similar to Sennheiser which is a reputable brand? You say liking the PL50 is a matter of preference but what preferences do you mean. Could you give some examples like bass etc. I also guess what i will like depends on the type of music i listen to and how well the earphone sounds while playing it. In that case which do you feel would suit metalcore, deathmetal and/or post-hardcore?

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Yes, you've got it right. I do think the PL21 is a good IEM in the sense that it competes with mainstream earphones priced quite a bit higher but I wouldn't call it hi-fi (same with the CX300 and UE220).


The PL50 on the other hand is a mid-centric earphone. It's a little laid back and buttery-smooth. TBH I think you would probably like the PL21 better with your genres but I still recommend reading a couple of reviews, especially those by mark and ClieOS, to see if sounds like something you might like. The search function is your friend on this one. 


To get you started, here's a couple:

mark's review of the PL50

ClieOS's review of the PL50

ClieOS's review of the PL21

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OK sweet man you and mark have really been helping me out here. I kinda guessed that the PL21 may be suited to my music genres because on the site it says super bass and made for rock. I think it would suit deathmetal a lot considering deathmetal has a whole lot of low growls and heavy bass but post hardcore actually has a lot of high lyrics and not that many low tones and it is my fave genre. Metal core is pretty much a mix of both, it's like death metal except with clean vocals and not as low and 'death' like but the PL21 will probably shine with it's bass during breakdowns which are slow, low rhythm orientated and heavy. I am taking a look at the reviews as i am writing and both look really good. The PL21 as you said seems to look like it will suit my music but from what i am reading about the PL50 it seems like a good all round earphone that really shines at times. If my budget was not so tight and everything wasn't as expensive as it is i would not hesitate to buy both but alas tis not the case. At the moment i'm looking at getting the PL21 and trying to see if any of my friends has earphones comparable to the PL50 and if i like it i will get it. Still haven't made up my mind though.

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well if im honest the PL-50 is a stunner but you are very very unlikely to be used the bass it has.  usually the first time people hear a BA IEM it comes as a shock so if its definitely an either or them getting the PL-21 (ive not heard it) i would think is a safer bet for you

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what do you mean by it comes as a shock and not being used to the bass? at the moment it seems my best bet is to buy the PL21 then if i think i should, get the PL50. However i am still looking at reviews and maybe it may be worth getting both because i personally don't want to use the PL50's in any situation where they may break, e.g. camps, runs

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what i mean is that the bass from a BA is about not moving a huge quantitiy of air that you will be used to from other low end dynamis drivers.  the first time most people hear a BA find it a shock that there is so little air movement and that they cant feel the bass.


you will get more of that feeling from the dynamic 21.   not that you wouldnt get used to the 50 over a little time.

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Ok thanks, yeah since i'm tight on cash and didn't really want to spend $130 on earphones i will get the PL21s. This means i will save about $90 which i can spend or put towards a decent Mp3 player (haha another thread to come!). Thanks so much for your help Mark and Joker. All i have to do now is confirm with my parents about making a purchase and then i will wait. I will post my impressions on it on this thread but don't expect a great impressions post. Im a new and hopeful audiophile in the making but im still not a real one yet. Pretty much what i'm saying is don't expect a great "OMG the treble is amazing, and the bass is low and rumbly without overpowering the mids which are crisp and delicate" lol i'll just post what i can about it and whether and how it has impressed me. Mark and joker i was wondering if i could PM you about some things like burning in etc. because i don't really think it should start a whole new thread and i don't want to go off topic here. ( don't worry i will use the search function first ;p) Once again thanks so much!

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