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That's interesting. When I was trying to get more bass out of modded iM716s the flange tips  were more bass-lite than the foam overall- and then even the composition of the foam (urethane, PVC and even memory foam) varied the sound. I basically built a number DIY foam tips from foam ear plugs.


All tips sealed well, at least passed the ear suction/attenuation of outside noise and increased microphonics factors. But yeah, I did run into some foamies that were too small for good seal and those all yielded poor bass, as expected. 

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Tips are hard to figure for sure. I'm a big fan of shure olives if they fit. They always seem to damp the upper mids a bit and have great bass. Works on most phones I've tried. I use decored on modded TD100 and they seem to help there also even though they barelty stick out past the nozzle.

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Had an adventure with tips a few years back as a DIY project. Learned a lot in the process.




Can simply go to the earphone store (superstore?) and order a variety pack. Stick the nozzle tube in your current foamies into these various ear plugs (PVC, urethane and/or memory foam) and see which suits your ears / tastes best. Could probably do the same with flanged tips too, if you drill very, very carefully.  

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Originally Posted by pablo7 View Post

I agree great products and their customer service is just outstanding IMO. They are super quick in responding to emails. I need to add the M-9 's to my sig.

You're absolutely right. And I need to put M6 in my sig as soon as I receive them.

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I know absolutely nothing about the science of soundwaves. However, I just feel that everything that the driver passes on can be emphasized through resonance or by attenuating other frequencies. Tips made from different materials may attenuate different frequencies and thereby changing the sound signature.

The resonance created within the ear canal should also be an affecting factor, largely individual. Besides that, the pressure put on your eardrums and on the (dynamic) driver is a very crucial factor. Put too much pressure on your eardrum and it will not be able to pass on larger changes in pressure, only smaller i.e. treble. Test this by pushing headphones you know you get a good seal with, far into the ear canal, stop if you begin to feel any discomfort. You should hear an audible difference as the pressure increases on the ear drum.

If you have a pair of M9 you can also test driver flex the same way. The driver loses power if the equilibrium between the pressure inside the ear canal vs outside of the ear changes. If you own UE tips, they are insane at revealing the driver flex in M9. Besides that they seem to attenuate mids but not treble, giving the M9 more treble than the meelec balanced tips and better punch in the lower bass. The same with my UE metro fi 170, more treble and punchier bass, meelec balanced tips provide a more prominent midrange with less treble and bass.

The difference between their enhanced bass tips and the balanced are pretty big and I can't imagine listening to the EB biflanges. Nice of meelec to include balanced tips as a complement. I had to take my meelec tips out and try while I was writing this just to hear the difference. Someone please comment on differences between EB single and biflanges on meelec iems.. Maybe it's just my imagination but to me there is a difference.
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