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If I love PT's Deadwing....................

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what else would you recommend?  I purchased Fear of a Blank Planet and like it but not nearly as much as Deadwing.  What should I buy (including but not limited to Porcupine Tree).

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deadwing, in my opinion, is a slightly heavier continuation of In Absentia.

In Absentia is an awesome album. but even it, for me is not the best porcupine tree.

for me, it's Lightbulb Sun and Stupid Dream.


however, if the heaviness is what you like, only In Absentia will please you.

Then, look for the Opeth albums that were produced by Steven Wilson at around the same time...  Blackwater Park, i think, is the one to look out for...

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I suggest Riverside's "Rapid Eye Movement" album.


I would also certainly check out Katatonia's "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" album. I prefer their newer/heavier/darker music, but there's no denying the aforementioned is nothing short of a genius release.

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I second the ideas of PT's In Absentia, and of Opeth's Blackwater Park. I also think PT's new record "The Incident is terrific and is much heavier than FOABP.

I also recommend Mastodon's "Crack the Skye" and Dream Theater's "Train of Thought".

And if you are not already hip to Rush, which was a huge influence for PT, check out "2112", "Permanent Waves", and "moving Pictures".
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Skylab, you are spot on about the rush influence. Especially since gavin harrison took over on skins. Can you say "neil peart fan"?
And, i need to revisit the incident album. Foabp was a big disappointment for me, so i didn't give the incident a fair chance i guess...
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I think The Incident Is way, way better than FOABP. Also has some heavy elements like Deadwing did.
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Crack the Skye is an excellent album, good recommendation right there. I really like FoaBP, so I don't feel safe recommending other PT to the OP (plenty of acronyms in there).

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How about Oceansize - Effloresce. Or any of their albums, really.

Also, Amplifier's self-titled.

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This is great guys.  I thank you for the leads.

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If you liked Deadwing (which is like 7/10 ) then you will definitely like In Absentia , which is probaly their best 00s album.


The good stuff from PT though is their 90s album


I just wrote a lengty piece about them in the 'bands like pink floyd'  thread (look in page 3)



so you may wanna check it out




If you wanna stay in (almost) progmetal territory THIS is a great abum that went unnoticed (and very badly so)



OSI - Office Of Strategic Influence.



Steven wilson makes a cameo appearance in one of the songs , this is one of the best 00s albums that went unnoticed (a shame if you ask me...)



This is like In Absentia , only heavier (in a good way-not metal) and with better songs and atmosphere. Get it and thank me later

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Thank you.

So far, I have tried Crack the Skye, Train of Thought and Blackwater Park.  I think these titles have pushed the boundary for me a little too far to the metallic side.  I will give them a lot more time before I say this decisively, however. 

I just received In Absentia and will spin it this weekend. 

I'll check out OSI.

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For Opeth, try the non-metal album Damnation.

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

For Opeth, try the non-metal album Damnation.

Will do.  Thank you

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damnation is 0% metal


it sounds completely like a nice 70s laid back rock album.....


and no 'brutal' vocals.

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Yup.  Beautiful, melodic songs.  Great stuff.

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