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UE700 Comply ear tips

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Hi, I recently bought the UE700's on offer and have been using the comply ear tips however I can't find anywhere saying what size that the UE700's come with as i wanted to buy more of them.

Does anyone know what sizes they come with as the ones provided fit me perfectly?

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scrolling down on this page


looks like the T-500 or Tx-500


and I also simply googled `comply tips for UE700` and got the answers again.

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I already knew what comply tips to get i just didnt know what size to get as i didnt know what size comes with the UE's.

Anyways i'm gonna take the risk with the mediums i think

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Oops my bad then, sorry- can`t go wrong with medium then I reckon. good luck!

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Hey Guys,


Most of our OEM partners include the medium size Comply™ Foam Tips in with their earphones, including UE, as the medium size fits most.


Soon you'll begin to see our tips in branded pouches inside the earphone packages for OEM partners, eliminating the question "Are these Comply™ Foam Tips, and which model/size?"


Hope this info helps out.





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