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[mini-review] Quick noob view on SRH 440 (~70$), mostly outlining problems since thats what people care about most

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this is a copy paste from a forum I post in.


I am 100% new to headphones, am totally new....


I wanted to outline the problems, so even though it sounds like the SH440 sucks, they really are pretty good, provided that you don't run into these problems, even GREAT



Alright let me talk about the headphone I have, the Shure SRH440, got them at 70$ through Amazon and Paulieg (thanks ), used with a Fiio E5 amp, and Fiio L1 LOD for my ipod, and that amp + Asus Xonar DS for my PC

Mind you, I am completely new to good headphones so take my opinion with a grain of salt, the only other headphone I really tried is Beats by Drake or wtv

Great headphones overall, but comfort may be lacking

Before starting, I will say that I have an average sized head, a bit above average sized ears, and ears that stick out a little 

1 problem I ran into was that my ears touched the metal round thing that protected the drivers and it hurt me like hell, so I stuffed tissue under the earpads  That not only stopped that ears from hurting, but ended up being more comfortable that way and it has a better soundstage too. I will however replace the Kleenex with Foam when I get to that. I'm guessing the SRH840 pads would be better, what I can tell you is the pads for Beats by Drake are much more comfortable and softer

Another problem I have is that when wearing them for more than 2 hours, it starts hurting on the top of my head, and if I make them looser, the sound isn't as good (though not much of a difference), and the headphone basically slide of my head with a tiny nudge. This may be solved with a little more padding on the top. Again, Beats be Drake have great and soft padding in that area

I do sometimes listen to them in the subway, though I do look a bit ridiculous xD No style like Beats by Drake

One advantage of the SRH440 is at this price range it has a nice detachable cord  The isolation of the SRH440, IMO, is medium-low. It does isolate enough, but you need medium-loud (ie: at the volume I usually listen to music) music to not hear someone talking 10 feet from you.

The Shure SRH440 aren't known for their Bass, and the Fiio E5 helps tremendously, but the best is when I EQ it with my Xonar DS, the Bass can be punchy enough for me, while being totally controlled. This also helps for games, a nice U-shaped EQ does the job. The sound is verrry accurate with this set of headphones, and isn't colored. If you want it colored, just EQ xD. I am very please with the sound quality, especially when I EQ it like I want. U shaped isn't the solution for everything, it depends on the song, I usual listen Flat or U shaped though. FINALLY something I prefer for the 300$ (at least in Canada) Beats be Drake, they were too colored

So before buying the SRH440, I'd suggest you try them on first and see if they are comfortable. If I had, I would NOT have purchased the SRH440, instead I would have tried the SRH840 or 750DJ. I would NOT buy the SRH440 as gaming headphones, but more for either Music, or multipurpose.


Lemme know of my noobness lol, no bashing too much though please? I'm here to learn :P

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Beats by dr.dre, not drake lol

But cool story, bro. Describes your experience with them in some detail, but i guess it needs some improvment, i'll leave that to other people, since english isn't my main language.

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the shure srh 880 woud have ben worse on your head they way even more then the srh 440

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and the srh 880 require a dedicated amp to make em shine not like the srh 440

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its mostly my ears they hurt

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I've tried out the Shure SRH 440 and my ears also touched the driver.

I put on the 840 pads and that problem was gone. I also feel the comfort is better with them.


You might want to try the 840 pads but its not a guarantee that will help you.




Best price I know of.


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I personally can't see how anyone can say they are lacking bass.  The bass is impactful enough to quickly get fatigiung like it does on most closed phones for me (though not as bad as some). They sound great otherwise though, especially the midrange.

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ohh, for a bass head, these headphones are extremely weak on bass lol.. some get the M50 and the EQ it to bass boost even more


I find that SRH 440 + Bassboost from E5, or a slight modification on EQ makes it very nice, else, for me, it would be less enjoyable, though not a deal breaker


Yea, I will be looking for SRH 840 pads... I heard extras come with the SRH840, might be able to grab one of them for cheaper?

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