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New to head-fi, looking for a decent pair of iem's

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I have some normal skullcandy earbuds that go inside the ear. They aren't that great, but it's just meantime while I shop for a decent one. Anyway, one of the buds doesn't work so well unless the cord is in a specific way, which is annoying. Should I call it quits or is there a way to remedy this?

In addition, I'm in the market to buy some decent IEM's. My budget is $35, at most. I'm not an audiophile, so i'm sure you see this question everyday. Still, I have some specific needs.

I have an iPhone 3GS and iPod nano, so something capatable. I listen to hip-hop, some rock, and recently been getting into some trance/techno. Though bass is I
portant, I don't need a copious, tremendous amount of vibrating bass in my ears. I would say an emphasis on clear sound.

I'm also looking for something with a decent cord length, nothing too long or too short (spare me the sexual jokes). I'm 6 foot 0 inches (height, again spare me lol) so judge by that.

Also, I know there's earbuds like the iPod ones, and IEM's that go in your ear very deep. I'm looking for something in between? I want to block out ambient, background noise, but i don't want my ear to be stabbed. I know the Bose in ear headphones aren't good, but they were comfortable in my opinion. In addition, any earphones that are comfortable, even when lying in bed with one ear on the pillow (sleeping on one side) is a plus. In ear is a plus.

Lastly, if possible, I'm looking for something that's been recommended and is somewhat durable. Even better would be a manufacturer guarantee or something.

I know it's a long post, but I'm trying to give you the most info so we can spare the questions to the OP to some good recommendations. Thanks!!

Bonus: Please follow the parameters above first, BUT if an earphone that stays in your ear securely even during workouts (some running and cardio, mostly lifting and stuff), is possible, let me know!
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JVC FXC50, Sony XB20EX, Apple IEMs, V-Moda Vibe, bass freq and Panasonic HJE350.........

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Regarding your skullcandies, you most likely have a break in the cord. If the sound cuts in/out when you wiggle the cord near the plug it's fixable if you know someone who can solder but probably not worth fixing (would run about $2 for the plug + some solder + some time). Considering you can spend as little as $15-20 for an upgrade from those earphones the investment is probably not justified.


Anyway, from all your requirements (thanks for being specific ) I highly recommend the Meelectronics M6, which can currently be had for as little as $20 online. It's got a nice, long cord (4' 2" I think), very good build quality (plus Meelectronics' warranty service is 2nd to none), and stays in extremely well during physical activity. The fit is relatively shallow and it should be flush with your ears for sleeping. Sound is bass-and-treble-heavy but very competent for the money. Works well with all of your genres but especially trance.

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+1 on the MEElectronics M6. You should also check out their other offerings; their products have a lot of bang for the buck. I'd also check out a-jays one or a-jays two.

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Thank you VERY MUCH for quick and great replies. M6 look like a great option.

Should I purchase from Amazon? If so, which ones? (There are M6-CL's and M6-BK's)


Any other recommendations will be taken into consideration as well



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M6 is definitely a good set. I don't know if it's an issue for you but these are meant to be worn over the ear so it might take some time to get used to that if you have never worn earphones that way before.


Also if you buy on Amazon (I don't know the price but I remember buy.com was selling them for $20 not too long ago and other places as well) it doesn't matter which one as they are both the same thing. It's just different colors. One is black and the other is clear.

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Yeah I haven't had a pair of earphones that go around the ear.. Does that make it better?

At first, I was a little cautious about that but now that i think about it, if it's comfortable, then it's probably better in the long run because it won't fall off.


Also, do I have to "burn" these in? I saw some crappy JBuds on amazon (maybe they aren't crappy?). But anyway, they had a link to their jbuds site or something about mp3 files to burn them in.


What should I do to burn them in?


And, do the M6's come with one eartip or some extras? And do I have to invest in others or is it okay? (The meelectonics have some for like $4.99 so I guess that's an option if there are no extras).


And wow, $20 is a deal!! Meelec.com sells the M6 for $49.99 and the M9's for $29.99

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They do come with a variety of tips, as shown on the product site.


I usually burn in IEMs with a variety of music genre that will expose it to different ranges at about 40% of maximum volume (in my case, an iPod) for about a day or two. Generally, just play music at your normal hearing volume for a day or two. I forgot which thread, but someone here has a special burn-in file you can use. (It's in a thread.)


EDIT: I can't find it atm, but the general gist is to expose it to as much as the sound spectrum as possible. That also brings in the controversy of whether or not burn-in actually exist as a performance phenomenon. I find it that burn-in does exist. Others don't. You'll have to find out yourself.

You can try using these: http://www.burninwave.com/. (I really don't use those - just regular music.)

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Alright, thanks a lot. If you could find the thread that would be great. On that site, which files should I make the earphones listen to?


Lastly, just making sure, they're comfortable right? Cause though I like earbuds like the Smokin Buds' by Skullcandy and CX300-type buds, they are uncomfortable for me


As for the manufacturer guarantee, just contact their site with any problems I guess?

- Suspected there was a rep system, and found it. Repping everyone in this thread. Thanks a lot!

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Also, instead of making another thread, though this isn't IEM related, does anyone know what the best gaming headset + mic is for under $30?


I guess preferably over the head, and something that is comfortable for extended periods of time.


I don't know if USB or the plugs or better, but I think I'm more comfortable with USB.


Let me know what you think, thanks!!

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Sorry I forgot to mention which files for that link. It's usually suggested that you use white noise, pink noise, frequency sweep, and channel mix.


M6 should be very comfortable, especially with the triple flanges (which also gives a very nice seal). If you don't find silicone tips comfortable, you can find Comply foam T-500 or TX-500 on Amazon for a relatively cheap price (15 USD and 20 USD for three pairs, respectively). I currently use the Comply tips with my Triple.Fi 10, and they're very comfortable.


Yes, any problems could be addressed with their support line.


As for the gaming headset, I am very confident with Logitech products for gaming. You can shop around and find the G330 by Logitech for under 30 USD. You can also find Plantronics GameCom 367 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset for around 30 USD as well. I think they both use the 3.5mm jack, which should be better since USB bypasses the sound card (since they usually have their own ADC, which don't get good until you spend a good amount of money).

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Thanks a lot!!


If anyone else has any input it's greatly appreciated but I think we covered it for the most part


I may have some other questions. If anything I'll post again

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Another recommendation here for the M6’s.  They are the most comfortable IEMs I’ve worn, and they fit your criteria of giving decent isolation without going really deep.  I personally can’t use triple flanges; they go too deep and are uncomfortable and itchy.  I wear my M6s while going to sleep, and they are also good for exercise as they stay in place very well.

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Thanks very much for all the input; I'll probably make a separate thread for the gaming headset to get the best responses.


Ordering sometime tonight, I know you guys don't care but I'll make an update, and if I'm not lazy, tell you what I think



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Ordered the clear M6's.. Thanks everyone I'll let you know how I feel about them!


Anyone else help out with what to do to burn them in?

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