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New ATH-ES10 Issue..

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Hey. I read reviews about these and heard that there was more bass quantity than the HD650. But, I just upgraded from HD555 and I couldn't tell the difference. I just bought these yesterday though. It's not really a burn in problem as it has had about 20 hours. Recently I purchased a UDAC for my HD555 and I instantly noticed the difference in sound quality compared to my onboard sound card. So I figured that by purchasing ~$400 headphones I'd instantly notice the ES10 improvement over the HD555.


I read in another post that another head-fier, when he upgraded to HD650 from HD555, was disappointed, but after 2 weeks he was able to tell the difference.


Is it just because I've been listening for HD555 for about 2 years that I'm just "not used" to the ES10 yet?



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Could be numerous of reason, one, is what you've stated you're used to the HD55 sound.  Two, maybe you don't like the ES10 sound signature.  The ES10 isn't burned in (some may agree and disagree to burn in).  Well, ok that wasn't a lot of reasons.  But, I would give it some time before you pass some judgement, unless you really really don't like it.

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Oh no I do like the sound it's just not an in my face big difference from the HD555

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