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Anyone care to rehost the schematic picture? Thanks
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they're still up; apparently FireFox doesn't like my code (not surprising, I don't like it!) Just copy the link to the large ones into your browser, and change the slash directions
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Thanks working fine in Internet Explorer
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How is this DIY Usb Dac compared to a usb dongle soundcard? I've seen these cheapo usb soundcards priced at 10$,they have stereo out and some of them hace toslink out.

Do these have the same audio quality as the one beeing discussed in this tread?
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Looking for PCB

Hello, This is my first post. This looks like such a great project, but I am afraid to tackle it without a PCB because of the small smt's. does anyone know if PCB's are still available for this project?
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Does anyone have a copy of schematic site? It seems to be down at the moment.
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Originally Posted by 00940 View Post
Here's what could be very well be my next USB dac. It won't see the light before june or july though.

PCM2707 => I2S => PCM1794 => Passlabs D1 I/V stage (minimalist, without the buffer)

Regulation onboard for the pcm2707 and pcm1794. Outboard regulation for the gain stage. The output caps are outboard too. Balanced to unbalanced will be done by a dynalo that will double as preamp. Bypassing of the IC by 100uF oscon + ceramic (solderside).

Size is half an eurocard.

Was that project ever continued or finished?
I'm asking because I'm planning to build a similar DAC myself and now I'm searching for infos and ideas
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Yes! They called it the Alien DAC.
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As far as I know, the Alien DAC implements the PCM2702 as a Decoder and DAC. But I meant a setup similar to that mentioned by 00904, with a dedicated DAC like the PCM1794.

Okay, found the right thread
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