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Hello, guys, I am new here.  Nice to meet you all.

           During my internship, I got a task in which I have to find the two reference inputs for the servo components( model: 412CE made by Copley). The datasheet says I the reference inputs are from the encoder but instead of using the wires of encoder directly, you have to use a PC or something to convert the 8 output singals of  the encoder to 2 ref+ and ref-, so it can be matched the ports of the servo components.

           Then my problem comes, I cannot find a way to convert the 8 encoder singal to 2 reference inputs that the sevro component needs. Anyone can help me out? I guess it is widely used in robotics design, so those who do the robotics things probably know well.

           Did I explain it clear enough? If not, tell me what needed,I will add them as soon as posible.

           Thanks. :)

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