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Jack @ Woo Audio

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I can't believe there is no thread for Woo Audio in this forum, save for the acknowledgment that Jack communicates well.


I had to put him in the middle of a difficult situation recently when my second-hand WA22 arrived poorly packed and damaged in transit, although the seller wasn't directly at fault. At the same time, Jack had both the seller and myself in an awkward position. Not only did he repair the amp, but he performed a requested modification and did it all perfectly, in record time, and was quite courteous.


As I did not purchase the amp from him, he could have charged me whatever he wanted for the repairs and return shipping, or even worse refused to deal with it at all. What he did is perform the repairs and upgrade for a very reasonable price, and gave me a proper shipping carton, free, that resulted in about a 40% discount for the return shipping.


What I Grokked from this experience is that Jack really cares about the products he sells, and the people that use them. He also cares about what should always be the most important part of customer service, the building of a long-term relationship.


I have also read repeatedly in the Woo amp threads that he is quite a fountain of knowledge regarding tube-rolling possibilities with his amps, and always provides the correct answer upon request. I have not used him for this service yet, but am looking forward to.


I highly recommend Jack at Woo Audio and their products without reservation

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I agree.  Jack was wonderful during my transaction with Woo Audio.  Very friendly, and upgraded my amp for free simply because I ordered about a week before Woo updated their product line.  Can't complain about that at all.  Extremely happy.

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jack wu is a gentleman.

and that's about the best compliment you can give a proprietor.


i love his amps, and appreciate his cordial manner. 

my first tube amp is a woo.  and my next one will be as well.  no doubt.


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Jack generously loaned me a Woo WEE for our August 2010 Colorado meet.  And when he shipped my tube order with the WEE he didn't even charge me for shipping since he was sending the WEE anyway.  Great customer service, and he's always responsive via email.  I love my WA6 and WES too!

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I've purchased three amps from Jack, all excellent pieces of equipment. Knowledge, professionalism and personal treatment are the hallmarks of Woo Audio.

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Another very satisfied Woo customer here. They offer great products and are a pleasure to deal with.


year ago I purchased my WA6 from Woo Audio. Jack answered via e-mail the questions I had about the amp and shipping to Mexico in a corteous and prompt manner. After purchasing the amp after a couple of weeks when I asked about the amp he also promptly let me know that it was almost done and that it should ship that same week. He sent me my tracking number and my instructions manual as soon as the amp shipped.


The amp was very carefully packed and arrived in Mexico City in immaculate condition; I love it and I don't foresee letting it go.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Woo products.

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I am another satisfied Jack Woo customer as well.


He has always answered my emails properly, anything I have ever gotten from him has been built very well.  The audio quality of his amps are very high.


I had one problem with a third party vendor which he took upon himself to handle.  I bought an upgraded tube, a Sophia, from him when I got my WA22.  The tube burnt up and blew a fuse when I put in a different pair of driver tubes.  I emailed him and he said that should not happen and he would take care of it.  Within one week, an brand new Sophia was shipped from the factory to me and I sent back the bad one to Jack.


I have complete confidence in his resolve to make the situation right for the customer as well as a sense that I got a lot of value for my money.

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Never saw this thread before, lol.  I too am pleased as punch with my Woo.  I'm the second owner (the first only had it for a month or so...he's fickle, lol).  The build quality is phenomenal...beautiful point to point wiring, fantastic design and layout.  I sent it back to Jack one time - to have the stock caps replaced with Black Gates.  Pricing was fair and work was done quickly and return time was very fast.  I can't imagine ever parting with this amp, but if I did it would be replaced with another Woo immediately.

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Got a WA22 from Jack.  Excellent service and communication.  I kept wavering and finally settled on WA22.  Jack was very accommodating and understanding throughout the process.  The build quality is excellent and like a tank.

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Didn't know this thread was here, else I would've posted sooner.


I ordered an HPS-H headphone stand from Woo.  I ordered it in black, but didn't know it was in backorder.  Jack immediately sent me an e-mail regarding the backorder, and I requested him to change the stand to silver.  He changed the order immediately and shipped it out the same day.  Stand itself is well-made, heavy and durable.  Excellent communication and customer service.  Thanks Jack!

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Got Stax SR-009, Woo Audio WEE and Stax 2.5m silver extension cable from Jack.  Items shipped Friday, arrived Saturday via FedEx.  Excellent products, great service.  Thanks Jack!

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Id like to thank Jack for following up on my order , the item was  not in stock but he did all he could to make sure the item got to me in time before i went on a trip . He even shipped it next day .

Tnx a lot jack !!!!!

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