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I Need A DAC...

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I asked this question in the Computer forum but never got a clear answer.


I just purchased a set of Audioengine A5's. I'm running them from my pc laptop thru the HP out, which as you know is not the best way to go.

So I've decided to purchase a portable dac, but since the A5's have an internal amp I'm wondering what my options are since most portables Ive looked at are also amps.


I really dont want to spend more then $200. I've been considering the Headroom Bithead, uDac, and a Foobar.


I could really use some help here. thanks in advance.

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Tube dac FTW, most are over your budget though :(

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If there's portable DACs with line out you are looking for check out Hotaudio.com's DAC Straight. I don't know anything about quality so decide for yourself.

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I recommend that you look at the FiiO E7 as well. It should fit well with your needs. The headphone output of the E5 will work great as "line out" for feeding the A5's - just set the E7's volume to 60 and use the volume control on your A5.



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Well, I havent personally owned a dac, but I have researched the heck out of it recently for my own purchase. The two that I narrowed it down to was the uDac and the Musiland Monitor 02. They were my choices because I am on a tight budget and got generally good reviews. There seemed to be agreement that the Monitor 02 would give better sound than the uDac. Youre looking at about $30 more for the 02. Both are powered through usb. If you do not think you need an amp, Id go with the Monitor 02.


I went with the uDac because its combo dac/amp and $30 is actually a big deal to me :D. I figure if im not satisfied with the uDac, they have pretty good resale and i can spring for the 02. 

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Originally Posted by JosephKim View Post

Both [uDAC and Musiland] are powered through usb.

Not quite true. The Musiland is only powered through a wall outlet. Nevertheless, I agree with everything else JosephKim said. Since portability or portable power is not an issue for ibis99, I would definitely recommend the Musiland Monitor 02 US over the uDAC. I A/B tested them both and consistently preferred the Musiland as superior, whether with headphones or bookshelf speakers.

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