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HE-6 Loaner Program [EU-Version]

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Dear Head-Fiers in the EU,


this is Jan Sieveking of Sieveking Sound and I am in charge of the EU side of the HE-6 loaner program. We have got one pre-production version of the HE-6 ready to ship out. As you can imagine the same rules apply that you have seen on Fang's post for the US version of this program.

  • You will be sent the HE-6 which is broken in by now for the duration of one week to try out as you like
  • You are asked to write about your experience, may it be good or bad, in this forum
  • You will then be asked to ship out the unit to the next in line and will have to pay insured shipping. Shipping may very well be international so be prepared that it might not exactly be cheap. Please also be aware that at least two other people will learn your home address so if you are concerned about this you might not want to participate.
  • Only those who have got a powerful headphone amplifier and possibly other high quality headphones should apply.


Please do not send me a private message here but write to my e-mail address Please include your username, full name and postal address and if necessary also a time period (i.e. do not put me on the beginning of the list as I am going on a four week vacation to Hawaii next week!) I shall try to build the list of participants in a way that means the minimum of cross-border shipping to keep cost for each individual user down.


Once we have got a list I shall publish this here and ship out to the first on that list.







EDIT: This is the list of participants. The HE-6 shall go to these members in the order as below. I have tried to keep international transport to a minimum and included personal travel plans as well as possible. If anybody on the list wants to change places please send an e-mail to my address above.


EDIT2: User "Anthonyfirst" had to drop out. We have added Col12 to the list. As he is in the UK we have put him in position 9 to make sure we don't have more international shipments than neccessary.


  1. Giacca70
  2. axellone
  3. nicola
  4. Best56
  5. Frenshprince
  6. lisnalee
  7. Prog Rock Man
  8. Col12
  9. Alota

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Hi jan,


I am ready. I would to partecipate on loaner program H6 (european version).

I will to listen H6 with my Little dot MKVI tube rolled with 2 Brimar Nos (like Mullard sound) on pre, and 4 Raytheon 6080.


I will finish my beta22 balanced and unbalanced version, also with active ground, in August.


My Headphone are: HD800 balanced, ATH-A950ltd balanced, 900 Pro, 880 pro balanced, AKG K340 balanced heavy bass version.


I have also ibrid ampli Aeron A160 (italian brand), with 80 Watt rms x2 on 8 Ohm, with 2 Brimar NOS ( I love this sweet sound),

and a Luxman receiver LR8500, 140 Watt rms x 7 channel. With Dolby headphone.


Thanks for the great opportunity.

Best regards,


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i´m in the list.

many thanks for this oportunity.

is an honor for me.


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Hi all

Thanks Jan for this opportunity

My Millett 307A is ready

Best Redgards


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Message e-mailed and fingers crossed Jan. I am around for the rest of the year, no Hawaiian holidays for me sadly.

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Hi Jan, I'm really interested too. Thanks for the great opportunity.



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at this thime four italians with good amplifiers


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Thanks for this opportunity! It is really tempting..
I do my best to refrain from buying more gear, but that is easier said than done.

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Hi Carlo, Aldo and Nicola.

Nice to meet you in this place!!! :-)))



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Originally Posted by Edmond Dantes View Post

Hi Carlo, Aldo and Nicola.

Nice to meet you in this place!!! :-)))



my pleasure


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Hi Jan, I've wote to you an e-mail with my account description. As you cn see into the thread, my subcription start from December, 2005. I don't know why the system can't show my Nickname to you.

But I need to execute a Login when I want to write a topic.......


Please tell me,



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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post

Thanks for this opportunity! It is really tempting..
I do my best to refrain from buying more gear, but that is easier said than done.

Very important you have K1000

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Hello Jan, I have wrote an email to you. I too would like to try HE-6! Thanks 


E un saluto a tutti gli amici!

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Hi all,

Edmont Dantes, Aldo, Axellone, Nicola, my italian friend. For me is a honor to meet You here, and my pleasure.

Jan kindly granted us this great opportunity

Hello, Mr. Krmathis. You have K1000 and b22, great!

It is a pleasure to try new H6 with this arsenal!

Good listen.

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I´d be happy to review them. They will be directly compared to my Thunderpants and Etymotic ER4P, and possibly to a second set of Thunderpanys if I manage to receive it in time. Source is a Museatex Bitstream, and I am using a CKKIII amp.

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