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Volume control for SPDIF output?

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Back in January, I purchased KRK speakers for my computer, they sound amazing.  This past week I ordered an iMac 27 inch.  I also read that using SPDIF from the iMac locks the volume at 100%, so I need some way to control the volume.


I know that the KRK's have volume control's at the back, but I don't want to try to match them up perfectly every time I want to change the volume.  I could have a huge stereo receiver as my 'amp', but there simply is zero room for that on my desk.


What options do I have?  What DAC's are available that have SPDIF input, and has volume control for speakers (I don't need a headphone amp)

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I don't see SPDIF input on that.

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I use this: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/powermate


my media players provide 64bit float digital volume attenuation.

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I don't see SPDIF input on that.


:confused smiley.


Neither do I see a S/PDIF input on the back of the KRKs. What are you using to convert your S/PDIF to analogue?


These devices are designed to fit between your powered monitors and your mixer so both can run at their optimum level without deafening you.


My bad. I now see you actually want a DAC. All the semi pro audio interfaces that usually get recommended offer S/PDIF I/O and a gain control but I cannot recommend any one in particular because I'm more than happy with Firewire/USB 2.0 and don't understand why anyone would want to use S/PDIF anyway. ymmv :-)

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If I understand correctly, your KRK accept analog input only.

You can run a headphone jack to 2 x RCA, so fully analog but I’m not impressed by the analogue out of the iMac.

SPDIF or USB out to a DAC. This offers you a lot of choice but most DAC’s come without volume control. You can combine them with a passive volume control like this: http://www.tcelectronic.com/levelpilot.asp


I’m a bit surprised that volume control is not working on SPDIF.

Are you sure this is correct?

I’m using Win7 and all outputs can be volume controlled by the volume of the application or the master volume. Most of the time Win and OSX offers the same features.


DAC’s with volume control are rare, one I know is the Benchmark DAC 1


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Screw it.  I've spent the better part of the day researching DAC's, and the only one that seems suitable for for me is the Apogee Duet. It's the same price as the Dacmagic (in my city), and it has volume control.


Since I'll be on a Mac in the very near future, this choice seems the best.

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Only the main volume control is locked, you can still control the volume with the on board itunes volume slider.

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You're welcome. 

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same price - see how much more you get for your money.


Or if you are determined to stick with S/PDIF this might be ok for a while.




Duet is good if you are a MacHead but take a look at the more versatile new product from market leaders RME.




Best in class.

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Originally Posted by Xombie11 View Post



You're welcome. 

This fits the bill perfectly. 

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Juuuust wonderful...


The www.mavaudio.com is now just a link farm, and I was going to order the Maverick Tube Dac this week.


Any other suggestions that was like the Maverick Tube DAC? That thing was perfect for me.

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SilverBlade, the domain expired and got bought out. Ryan purchased a new domain www.mav-audio.com and has transferred everything to that. He's going to try and get the old one back but that may not be possible.

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