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looking a TF10 replacement

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I have owned the UE SF5pro and the TF10 so far. what is the next step that is worth taking? if I sell both my iems I should have almost 300€, I could also add some more for a total maximum of 400€. they must have removeable cables, I destroyed 3 cables in 2 years so there is no way I´m going to get one with fixed cables.

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What kind of sound do you want?


As for something like the Triple.Fi 10, I have not heard anything.  The Triple.Fi 10 has a pretty unique sound signature that is far from common.  Depending on what traits you wouldn't mind keeping and which traits you'd like to change, there may be certain options out there that will suit you well.  You'll just have to tell us what you're looking for.

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I do like the bass and the highs when they are up in the players EQ. I´m someone who likes good soundquality but also likes the music to sound in a fun way that is not neutral, just check my EQ on my player to see what I mean:



everything is pushed up like the bass or else it sounds pretty flat like listening to some old radio or something.

I know that the further you go up in IEMs the more neutral the sound becomes. but I guess that can be cured with the EQ to some extend. Someone recommended me the Westone UM3x. What would you recommend?

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the only others in this range with removable cables i can think of, are the shure se535, the sennheiser IE8 and the sleek audio sa7. all three aren't really that big a step up from the tf10s though. if you really want a step up in SQ, you'd want to look into customs.

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The Westone UM2 and UM3X now have removable cables.

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is it worth upgrading to the UM3x?

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well you'd get a different sound, but i'm not sure it would be a significant step up in SQ. how about a remold?

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do you mean having extra driver/s added and getting a custom casing? how much does that cost?

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yeah. and search "unique melody" in this forum, you'll find what you need ;)

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