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was given an old vintage 1976 craig am/fm receiver mint condition (pics included)

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hey i just want to know little about this receiver. i have it hooked up to my computer turtle beach 5.1 soundcard and my sennheiser hd205-II

i got a whole bunch of equipment from my uncle. he let me take whatever he had so i picked up this vintage craig h500 stereo receiver,some aiwa and pansonic bookshelf speakers,some floor speakers(not sure what brand) and pioneer pd-103 cd player.

the receiver is in amazing condition and works flawlessly. nice wood finish and looks and feels brand new like he never touched it. i just don't know much about at all and can't find a thing about it on here or google. i just find sells of it's manual on ebay. i take a picture sometime tomorrow cause my camera is not working and i need to borrow one from a friend.

also want to know the features on the phono inputs mean. it says ceramic and  magnetic. i keep it on ceramic cause if i plug it in the magnetic phono jacks and my headphones even at volume zero it gets insanely ear piecering loud and causes headphone to go staticly

wondering if this be good also if i plan on to upgrade my headphones. like hd600's? seems like it'll output enough power to do so since i read and heard from so many people old vintage receivers are far better built then even most high-end modern receivers...

any information available will be greatfully accepted and appreciated a lot. i just don't know nothing about this thing and i just started getting into audio equipment.

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sorry it's been so long since i replied. i just been having such a hard time with my blasted camera's lately and can't get'em to read off my computer. i manage to take some pics with my friend's webcam but the quality is not so great at all but i made it possible to be atleast seen and visable. later on i'm going to use my brother's phone when he comes back and i'll update with complete set-up.







hopefully the pics work cause i never posted here before besies maybe a couple times so....i have more later in better quality. i'm just so annoyed that i have all these perfectly good cameras around and none of'em work

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heres some more in better quality of my complete set-up but still blurred out a little.

Complete Rig

Vintage Realistic tape decks,receiver and pansonic bookshelf speakers.

20'' emerson lcd 1080i tv i just use for my wii.

inside rig.

my pride and joy. 1976 vintage am/fm stereo receiver :)


i don't know how to embed pics and don't know if you have to be a certain level here or not. i'm still new around here. so does anyone know about this receiver? all i know it's an acient relic that is rare to come by and how well was Craig brand back then? all the stuff except my tv,gaming rig and wii/ps3 was all giving to me. all the audio equipment you see.


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some more pics of it.



anything? is this the right section. should i of posted this in headpne amp section to get more info on it? 

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Nice! I keep thinking of getting a vintage receiver but the funds always "magically" disappear
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thanx! well i got this for free from my uncle :). he had it sitting away in his attic and up there is was amazingly cleanand received this in mint and top performing condition.feels like i just got it out of the box or something.

so does anyone know anything about this or knowledge on vintage gear. i'm curious about it even tho i know it prefectly works and in amazing condition. i already learned what ceramic and magnetic are type of outputs for certain turn tables. just wonderin what else use can they be for? also wondering what fm mpx stands for and the AFC button does.

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nevermind about the fm mpx and afc switch. i found out about'em just browsing around. now that i know most of the features and so forth. i been reading ceramic is a very high power output. anyone know what the max ohm output load is on both ceramic and magnetic phono inputs? just curious. 

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