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Need me some IEMs

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Hey guys... need some IEMs at $150 or under. I listen to a lot of rap, rock and funk mostly, so I NEED good, rich bass but I don't really want the mids or highs to get muddled out either. Noise cancellation would be nice but not completely necessary, I mainly need good sound quality and comfort. Any suggestions? Thanks a million.

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Sometimes the Monster turbine Pro Gold goes on sale for under $150 on amazon. They're usually listed as "used" but most often never actually worn. 


There probably isn't a better IEM for your genres. 

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Radius DDM, Klipsch Custom 3, IE7, EX700, HJE900 and MTP Gold.........

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And Hippo VB!

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Yeah, monster turbines are great (I don't have them, but everyone says they are awesome)

Klipsch Custom3 are great too, but they are discontinued, so maybe you can't get them anywhere.

Otherwise you are describing the IE8.

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sounds like custom 3 would be a good choice for you , i like them far more than my monster golds ,which are way too warm sounding for my tastes

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I never found teh MTPG warm.  I found the frequency response to be very well balanced to my ears and EQing.  They do have a nice, thick note though that is well textured.  Thick notes tend to help full out and in some cases emphasize lower frequencies, drum hits, bass guitar strums, and those kinds of things.  Some earphones are a little too lean and thin on note to get that kind of fullness and body in lower frequencies.  Sometimes we as earphone listeners get used to products we use and forget how much maybe should be there.  I was actually slightly surprised by how well the midrange blended into the low end on the MTPG.  I was seriously expecting a more recessed midrange.  I will say that the MTPG is a good bit smooth through midrange and especially treble and tends too be thick enough ans sluggish enough to blur together information in more complex music.  It's a nice earphone certainly.  Overall capability is pretty high, and it offers a good, likable sound.  At the end of the day I would still plop the Custom 3 in my ears over a MTPG though.  You get a similar kind of thickness and texture but in a cleaner more energetic way.  The sound stage is significantly better, and the Custom 3 handles complex information much better.  The MTPG offers more extended bass, but the Custom 3 responds very well to EQing.  The Custom 3 offers a crisper top end, but the MTPG will cope with poor recordings a little better.  The Custom 3 is a little easier to drive and a heck of a lot cheaper.  The Custom 3 is lighter and nicer to fit.  The cord is a tangly mess, but it is extremely light and minimal on microphonics.  The MTPG has a more expensive look and fit and finish.

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Giggles at your sig. Best Will Ferrell skit of all time. 

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Thanks guys - looks like it'll be the Monster Turbine Pro Gold. I'd consider the Custom-3 but almost every site I've seen reviews on says something about the copper coming through the cord sooner or later. Has anyone seen any fakes of the MTPGs yet? Cause I might bid for a pair on eBay but would rather not if there's bootlegs running rampant, don't wanna take such a risk on an expensive product I don't know much about.

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there are lots!!! def wouldnt buy it on ebay.. 

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DO NOT BUY from eBay. Authorized dealers only or your just asking for a fake, especially if they're abnormally inexpensive.

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Wear and tear depends on how you use them.  Plus, cables are easy to fix with a sacrificial earphone and a soldering gun.  Both the MTPG and Custom 3 will be good options, but they are good options for different reasons.  Also, the Custom 3 can be bought new for $99 on eBay right now, so there is a rather significant price advantage.  You will more commonly pay +$200 for a MTPG, even a used one.  You really just need to weigh which sound attributes you favor and which earphone does it better.

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for me Im going to note, that I cant consider the klipsche 3 to buy do to its supposed awful construction. Im not doubting it doesnt sound great but way to many accounts of bad build quality. Kinda similar to buying a car, doesnt matter how good looking or how fast it runs, if its going to be braking down and falling apart all the time then I have to pass on it.

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Note on sound 'cancellation' 


You typically get a great level of isolation (doesn't use batteries, blocks more) with many closed IEMs enough that you can enjoy them while riding public transport, planes, ect.


Personally I found the MTPG to have rather slow and thunky bass.

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Has anyone heard of a treatment for the Custom 3 cables which makes them a bit more pliant?  I like the Custom 3 sound, but can't abide the microphonics.  I'm wondering if dipping the cables (and only the cables of course) in hot water could remove some of the "starch" of the cloth clad cable.

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