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JVC RX900: Sound Leakage?

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I'm thinking about buying a pair of JVC's RX900 headphones off Amazon. 

Originally I wanted a pair of the RX700s, but they've been discontinued  and are near impossible to find online for a good price--at the moment, the RX900s are only $10 more and seem to be worth it (because of the softer leather ear pads and other improvements).

From my research, the RX700s are (rather definitively) considered "closed," and have minimal--if any--sound leakage.

The RX900s, however, are considered "semi-open." 

Because I'll be using these in a college dorm room environment, or in the library, I'd like as little sound leakage as possible.

  • What's the leakage like on the RX900s?
  • How does it compare to that of the RX700s?
  • If the leakage is minimal, is the greater sound stage worth it?



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I suggest considering portable headphones instead since you'll be using them in a library. The RX900 has small slits in the cups that leak sound - not a lot, but I would not consider them appropriate for use in a library or a dorm room.


What equipment will you be plugging your new headphones into?

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I've never really used headphones before... These would be my first pair. I much prefer speakers. I bought a pair of Bx5as for my dorm, and I'll be enjoying these most of the time.


The headphones are intended for late at night when I cannot use my speakers because my roommate is sleeping/studying, for playing games (CSS, SC2, etc.) when I don't want people to know I'm playing games :P, for occasionally using outside when I'm studying under the trees (and want better SQ than Apple's earbuds), or for listening to music in the library while I'm writing an essay. 


I really don't have plans to plug them into anything other than my macbook. I have considered the Fiio E3/5 which retail for around $8-20 IIRC. Also, I'm planning on buying a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC in the near future (for my Bx5as) which apparently has a respectable headphone amp (but obviously not a portable one). 


Overall I prefer the RX700s, because of their closed design, but for $10 more I can't help but think the softer ear pads and more comfortable band of the RX900s is worth it (plus a greater soundstage for when I'm gaming/watching movies, etc.). I really wish the 900s were closed as well.


*I've looked at Audio Technica's A700s, but they're kinda expensive and I'm not sure if they'd be right for a starter headphone. 


**Another option I'm considering are Sony's MDR-V6s. Any idea on how those compare? They appear to me closed. I haven't done much research on these yet. Are there mods for these two?


**I've also thought about Audio Technica's SQ5s--the white ones are on sale at AC for $60 atm--which are portable, closed AND look nice. But I've heard that the SQ is just meh (and that's the most important part!) and they don't have much of a userbase for Q&A/mods. 


Thanks for your insight so far! :)

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If OK with full size headphones, FWIR... I suggest first considering the Koss Pro DJ100, sold at Best Buy or shipped free from jr.com for ~$80. 


I no longer own the RX700 and can't remember if it was totally closed or not. I don't recommend it unless modding and amping it. Currently sells on line for ~$40 shipped, but soon may no longer be available. 


FWIR, some have modded their Sony V6 with Beyerdynamic pads for more comfort, but the V6 would not be my choice. 

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I'd say the RX900s are perfectly fine for a dorm.  Library is a bit more questionable.  Putting my pair on my pillow and playing music at what I consider a normal listening level (which is quite a bit louder than I would want to listen at if I were doing homework/writing an essay mind), I could just barely hear it about 8-10 feet away.

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I use the RX900s for gaming late at night and I usually have the volume up fairly loud and my girlfriend never complains about hearing it while shes sleeping. Part of the reason why I bought them in the first place is because she was complaining about the noise late at night when shes trying to sleep and she hasnt complained since Ive had them (thank god LOL).

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Ah, thanks a lot for the advice guys!

I think that settles it... Although, off hand, does anyone know how much quieter the 700s are than the 900s? Is there much of a difference? Because I could always order them + RX900 pads.
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Also, would the RX900s be suitable for use on an airplane? With passengers on either side of you? 

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Originally Posted by Xombie11 View Post

Also, would the RX900s be suitable for use on an airplane? With passengers on either side of you? 

They will be fine, the leakage is minimal....and it happens when you listen music to loud volumes. Imho...

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Originally Posted by earerror View Post
They will be fine, the leakage is minimal....and it happens when you listen music to loud volumes. Imho...


Ah, thank you very much. That's quite reassuring. :)


Also I forgot how noisy airplanes really were. 

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