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Westone 2 Bass Boost Experiences

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well, in the first week I've thought that Clear Bass+1 on my Sony NWZ A845 is all I can add...


but I was wrong, currently I am using Clear Bass+2 and in my opinion the W2 can handle that...


it's like the W2 runs without EQ on 75% Power.


it's not a technical issue with Clear Bass 2, it just depends on your taste...

but I have got to say that I don't know how the cheap Sony DAPs sound like, the Clear Bass on the A-Series could be better(less quantity but more accurate)



I've tested a lot of Songs, like:

Busta Rhymes-Gimme Some Some
Junior Senior-Move Your Feet
Rihanna-Rude Boy
Porcupine Tree-.3
Kesha-Tik Tok



now the W2 sounds really flat without the EQ Boost.


and there's no negative effects of the Clear Bass 2 on the mids,details or highs...

it's crazy! I switched to EQ-Off a lot of times and there is really nothing, now the bassamount is about identical to the Westone um2(EQ-off:about 75%, CB 1:ca.85%), but the Bass on the W2 is better, more detailed and goes a bit deeper(or simply there is a bit more low end)...

the only thing I am missing is the Beat of the Um2, the impact was a bit lower than on the W2.


Clear Bass 3 is where the fun ends... too much and ugly and the sound gets darker, the voices presentation suffers, the whole sound suffers.




The A Series sound better than the old sonys and the clear bass works best on the A-Series.





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today I could test my A845 and my brothers A826


the A826 has got more bass, the A845 is quite neutral without EQ and only on my A845 I could set the Clear Bass to 2, not on the A826(way too much bass, uncontrolled)


the A845 has got a well balanced sound and offers a good EQ.


so, when I say Clear Bass 2, I am ONLY talking about the A845/844/846/847

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I never tried using the Clear Bass +2. Do you know how it will sound with the stock headphones (which IMHO are very good, their bass is great, it's just the player that's neutral)? Will try it tonight, but would enjoy a second opinion from a fellow A845-er =)

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